Reasons why your book should also be an audiobook

While you are deciding about moving forward with planning your audio book, we give you here 6 reasons why your book should also be an audiobook:

1. The Size of the Audiobook Industry is Nearly a Billion-Dollar Industry.

The Audio Publishers Association estimated in December 2004 that the size of the audiobook market was $800 million.

Is your book getting a piece of that action?

2. Book Mavens Listen to Audiobooks.

A maven is somebody who is a connoisseur of information. Audiobook mavens are able to read so much because they listen to books while driving, working out, or cooking. If you have an audiobook, not only will you make money selling the audio versions, you’ll make additional money through the recommendations of book mavens who listened to the audio version. 

3. Audiobooks Protect You From the Oprah Effect.

The Oprah Effect is when a famous person recommends your book out of the blue. Suddenly, 100,000 people all want to buy your book and the 5,000 copies in the stores are gone within hours. Then your publisher scrambles to print more books, only to have them returned because everyone’s forgotten about the book. The opportunity was lost because the books went out of stock. Audiobooks offer one of the best protection methods. If someone famous recommends your book, there will never be a shortage of (downloadable) audio books. Whether it’s ten downloads or a million downloads, you’re covered. 

4. Audio Books Boost Paper & eBook Sales.

If people love your audiobook, they’ll sometimes go back and buy a paper copy so they can underline it and show it off on their bookshelf. So not only do the audio mavens recommend the book to friends, but people will buy additional copies for themselves as well.

Amazon’s Whisper Sync is now causing this sales boost to apply to Kindle books as well. 

5. Having an Audiobook Makes You Easier to Find.

There are over 100,000 books on Audible. There are millions of books on Amazon. I can’t think of an easier way to break your book out of the crowd than to turn it into an audiobook. It’s a lot easier to stand out from the crowd if you’re in a small crowd. Often I’ve looked for a book, only to find there was no audio version available. Then I see that a competing book is available on audio. Which book do you think I purchased? There are many topics that still have no audiobook.  The first author to put an audiobook up on that topic wins the entire pie of interested readers. The audiobook pie is filled with mavens who can make you famous.

6. Audiobooks Are Cheap & Easy to Make.

In the olden days (aka the 2000s), producing an audiobook was expensive and time consuming. Publishers could only afford to produce their most popular titles in audio. Many publishers still do audiobooks the old expensive way, which isn’t a problem as long as they make the audiobook. Unfortunately they often retain the audio rights and yet don’t pay to make the audiobook, which is the worst scenario.

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What do you think? Do you want your book to become an audiobook?