Quality Training, Skill Development & Full Professional Support During The Recording Process

QNS has been training Narrators since the 1967!

Narrating your own book is something that will enhance your future writing, as you will hear the characters voices inside your imagination coming to life. Many authors have commented that knowing that their book will also be an audio book changes the way they create their characters.

Our focus is on providing you with the best training environment, theory and practice, so you can effectively achieve the skills that will help you produce an audio version of your book.

We have put together an extensive training package so that someone who has zero experience with audio recording can confindently record his or her own book. You will be

  • trained in the use of digital audio software to record and edit your audio book
  • trained in equipment and home recording environment setup
  • microphone technique and use of voice
  • provided with instructional videos and step-by-step guides covering all aspects of the process
  • online and over the phone support

Think of QNS as your personal trainer, ready to coach and support you through the recording of your book. Our one-on-one support during the recording process is one of the things that make the QNS experience so unique.

Queensland Narrating Service’s Quality Management System is certified under AS/NZS ISO9001:2008.

Shark Arm Unhooked by Breanda Cross

“My limited computer knowledge, plus living 1000k from QNS, meant that I had to rely heavily upon the phone to get me up and running with narrating. Fortunately, with QNS’s most able phone assistance and the excellent computer tutorials I had a smooth passage. Spending many months writing this book, plus the countless interviews and discussions I had with the Everest climbers themselves put me in an unique position to narrate the Expedition’s story, I believe”.

Peter Maiden. Author – ANZAC Day on Mount Everest