Quality Post-Production

Once you have monitored your work for accuracy and you are happy with the voice and characters, supply your raw audio to QNS where it will be sound produced.

There are many steps in the audio process to take your ‘raw’ audio recording to a professional level. Every professional audio book undergoes delicate processing steps to make the recording the best it can be. These steps include but are not limited to:

  • Removing any unwanted noise including background noise, mouth clicks, loud breaths, sibilance (the sssss sounds) etc.
  • Making the voice sound even and not to “tinny” or “boomy”
  • Evening out the overall volume for consistency throughout

The final product will include introduction and concluding music, as well as spoken credits where you can talk about your website and your other books. These processes result in a professional quality audio book that you will be happy to take to market either as a self-published product or to use as a stepping stone to mainstream publishers.