Ever considered recording  an audio version and publishing your own audio book?

Audio books are one of the fastest growing segments in the book publishing industry. Books with sound open up a whole new market and revenue stream for self-published for authors.

Like many industries authors are developing a strong DIY attitude when it comes to publishing their works. Many authors self publish a print version of their works so why not self publish an audio version. It’s your story so you know how best to tell it!

Currently few options exist for indie authors to create and offer an audio version of their book for sale, and, as with all independent publishing options plenty of time, effort and money is required. Unlike writing a book it takes skill and technological know how to create an audio book.

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Creative Control of Work

Imagine paying costly studio and narrator hire fees just to receive your audio book master and find that the narrator has completely missed the mark for your characters voices. Getting this right can be quite involved and there is a big margin for error.  Read more…

Quality Training, Skill Development & Full Professional Support During The Recording Process

QNS has been training Narrators since the 1967!

Narrating your own book is something that will enhance your future writing, as you will hear the characters voices inside your imagination coming to life.  Read more…

Quality Post-Production

Once you have monitored your work for accuracy and you are happy with the voice and characters, supply your raw audio to QNS where it will be sound produced.

There are many steps in the audio process to take your ‘raw’ audio recording to a professional level.  Read more…

Provide Digital Master

On completion of the entire audio production you will be provided with:  Read more…

Format and compatibility for Online Distributors

What are the audio requirements if I want to submit my audio book to online audio book Marketplaces?

Audio book self-publishing is a bit of labyrinth when it comes to formats and choices.  Read more…

Access to Wider Markets

You could have your own digital audio master to self-publish, either via your website or online distributors such as Audible, Amazon, iTunes etc or submit your audio to Authors Republic to market and distribute on your behalf.  Read more…

Our Fees

We offer a unique and a cost-effective professional alternative to expensive professional recording studios. We can work with you to produce the best quality audio book possible to give your readers a positive listening experience and provide a launching pad into the audio book market.  Read more…

No Royalties

Our approach to audio book royalties is simple— you keep 100% of your book sales less charges from your preferred online distribution providers. That’s right! QNS doesn’t take a cent of your Royalties. Ever!

Reasons why your book should also be an audiobook

While you are deciding about moving forward with planning your audio book, we give you here 7 reasons why your book should also be an audiobook:  Read more…