On Demand

The QNS ‘on demand’ service is for people who require their own information in audio format. This service ensures provision of accessible information to people with a print disability in the workplace and the community, including businesses, agencies, tertiary institutions, government departments, educational institutions, blindness agencies, other non-profit and profit making companies and organisations.  QNS produces the audio versions of a wide variety of printed information such as books, newsletters, instruction manuals, government reports,  annual reports, brochures and legal documents. Listen to some of these audio samples on the links below:

Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters – Department of Transport and Main Roads

Your City Your Say – Brisbane City Council

Personal Best – Sporting Wheelies & Disabled Association

Aspirations – Blind Citizens Australia

QNS has worked in partnership with Translink to produce the Audio advice on using go access VITP as well as with the Queensland Electoral Commission to notify people with print disabilities about the availability of Braille ballot papers.  QNS has also worked closely with Queensland Parks and Wildlife to produce the audio guide to create a bushwalking experience for vision impaired visitors to the Wongabel State Forest in the Atherton Tablelands region.  The project won the Minister’s Award for Innovation in Service Delivery at the 2007 Disability Action Week Awards.

QNS produces audio, which can be downloaded from the web such as the Guide Dogs Queensland Client Newsletter, which is produced for Guide Dogs Queensland, which helps to equip, empower and educate Queenslanders who are blind or vision impaired, of all ages, with a range of orientation and mobility services.  For an example of QNS downloadable audio visit Guide Dogs Queensland website and go to GDQ News  Audio version.

Many individuals use QNS for information that they need for personal use such as newsletters, personal books, instruction books and manuals, legal documents and any information, which impacts upon people’s life skills and life style.

Download QNS Brochure

Download QNS Client Handbook

Human Voice Vs Computer Generated Voice

The Queensland Narrating Service prides itself on producing quality human voice narrations.

You only need to compare a Human voice to a Computer generated voice to understand the benefits:

Female Human Voice
Female Computer Generated Voice

Male Human Voice
Male Computer Generated Voice

Am I entitled to audio information from information providers?

Simply the answer is YES – but you must request the audio format from the provider.

People with a print disability have the right to request and receive information in an accessible and appropriate format.  If other members of the community receive information in print format – you, as a consumer of information, need to request an audio copy of the information.

QNS can also liaise on your behalf with information providers and advocate for the production of their printed material in audio format.


Joe Kelly MP – State Member for Greenslopes

“I am extremely lucky to have the Queensland Narrating Service based in my electorate. They have given me the opportunity to read my latest newsletter so it is available to the entire electorate, particularly those with low vision or a print disability”.

Sandra Vinson. On demand service – Client since 1985

“My name is Sandra Vinson. I’ve been using the Narrating Service for 30 years. Many years ago it was the only place you could get anything recorded. Last year (2014) I had two books that I’ve got: a “Crochet Book” and it was so clear and distinct and I also had a “Shannon Lush A-Z All Cleaning” described and it was so clear, easy to follow. I had a different time the Narrating Service described “Directions for a phone and other implements”. I recommend them to anybody. For anybody that wants something recorded, I recommend Queensland Narrating Service. They will put it on a Daisy Disk or Mp3 Disk. They will describe novels, directions of anything in the household that you’ve bought new. A wonderful service. So clear and distinct to understand”.

Audio excerpt for Sandra’s Testimonial

Owen Jones. On demand service – Client since 2011

“My name is Owen Jones. I’ve lost track as to how many years I’ve dealt with Queensland Narrating Service, but I know it’s been a while. I’ve been very pleased with the service, with the narration, and I think specially matching the volunteer readers with the book material. I think that has been a very good match and I’ve been extremely satisfied with that part of it and also the promptness of the service too, that has been very good. Recently there was a book and the volunteer reader who was recommended to me was, I think on holidays or maybe on sick leave or something and it was recommended to me that this book title which was called “Where Did The Towers Go” and It was an alternative view of the September 11 aeroplanes colliding with the twin towers in New York. It was recommended to me that I hang in there until this volunteer reader came back from their absence because it was a specialty subject for this person to read this book and I think that one stands out as very good for me. The catalogues that are available by QNS are a very good selection to choose. Over the time a have borrowed some of the Daisy books from the catalogue”.

Audio excerpt for Owen’s Testimonial

Helen Boardman. VIP Book Club – Attendee since 2006

“My name is Helen. I’ve been going to the VIP Book Club since 2006 and I’ve so enjoyed it. Every time that I’ve been to the VIP Book Club they’ve had great authors speak to us and very entertaining and they also put on a great spread for lunch and so we so enjoy everything that they do. All the authors that have been picked have been very relevant to the kind of books that I would like to read. I recommend that any time QNS put out an invitation for a VIP Book Club that you change your appointments and you go to that, even if you’ve got something else on, because it’s so worthwhile and you’ll get so much out of it. In fact, you’ll really enjoy reading the rest of the books that the authors have written”.

Audio excerpt for Helen’s Testimonial

Business Alignment Team, Brisbane City Council Support

“Just wanted to send a quiet note of thanks for forwarding the narration for the Brisbane Access and Inclusion Plan. We very much appreciate your support.”

Individual Consumer 

“I would like to thank you very much for Peter Yeldham’s book ‘A Bitter Harvest’.  My husband thoroughly enjoyed the book commenting on the fact that the reader was very good and that he was so enthralled with the story that he finished it I no time.”

QNS Volunteer 

“I feel truly honoured to be associated with such an ethical, humane and productive group”

Community Information Program (CIP)

Here are samples of our narrators reading various publications and newsletters for Community Information Program clients:

TRANSLink. About the go access VITP – Kaye Stevenson

Logan City Council. Home Library Services Handbook for Volunteers – Narrated by Blair Meldrum

Vision Australia. Employment Services Client Handbook – Narrated by Jan Huggett

Guide Dogs Queensland. Newsletter – Narrated by Clem Fechner

Getting Books

After conducting your search of the internet, items found will be listed; most books have not yet been produced in audio formats.  After determining that the title you seek is unavailable in audio please send an email to QNS providing the name of the title and author and audio format required – please specify to receive the item on standard CD, MP3 or DAISY file on disk.  Once production is complete the item will then be posted to you with an invoice.

If you have a print disability then you can borrow QNS books from public libraries throughout Australia. Two closed access libraries: Vision Australia Information and Library Service and VisAbility both have QNS audio book titles. Audio-Read also has some QNS titles. Enquire about the QNS online audio library for individuals at qns@qns.net.au.

QNS open access audiobooks. Some publishers and authors have given QNS permission to allow libraries to house QNS audiobooks in the general collection of public libraries. These books can be found by searching ‘open access’ on our catalogue page.

Audio format

Consumers’ special needs are an important consideration so
• All audio formats are clearly identifiable by introductions and endings
• CDs are track marked at each chapter for easy navigation
• All QNS audio books are complete and unabridged

QNS offers both special access books for restricted access collections.

No unauthorised copying, broadcasting or public performance of these recordings is permitted.

DAISY format

DAISY format is a specialised MP3 form, developed particularly for people who are blind or vision impaired.  A DAISY item selected from our service can not only be played on any DAISY playback software and hardware devices but can also be loaded onto all digital music players such as an Apple iPod, or played in disc format on MP3 enabled compact disk players.

Free DAISY playback software

Below are links to free DAISY digital talking book playback software.
Cross Platform – Emerson is cross platform (Windows, MacIntosh and Linux) DAISY and EPub reader software
Windows – Adaptive Multimedia Information System (AMIS)
MacIntosh – Olearia Mac OS 10.5 or better required

mp3 format

The QNS mp3 format has chapter sub-sections. This means that the QNS mp3 format can be played in DAISY machines with a high level of navigation.