Narrator Assistance

Here at QNS we are committed to providing a high quality audio production for our clients.  Our narrators have constant access to one-on-one phone support and training sessions here in our QNS studio.  Many of our narrators are located outside Brisbane and some outside Queensland, therefore we have provided the following resources.

Our narrators use Audacity , which is a free audio recording and editing program.  QNS Audacity training videos accompanied with downloadable pdf instructions on using Audacity can be found on the session links below.

“How to” Audacity Tutorial Videos for Narrators

This tutorial is divided into three sessions:

Tutorial A

1. Starting a book

2. Setting recording levels

3. Recording and Editing

Tutorial B

4. Exporting finished recording

5. Following Sections of book

6. Copy to USB

Tutorial C

7. Loading sessions

8. Advanced Editing

9. HELP I’ve lost a file

You can access the downloadable guides on the links below:

General Narrators Guide

Instructions for Narrating Visual Information

Relaxation and Breathing Exercises

Mac Laptop OS10 Lessons

Maintaining Consistent Microphone Distance

Other sources:

Click to listen to the “Being in Voice” workshop

A Simple Way to Improve The Quality of Your Narrations

One of the hallmarks of volunteer narrations is extraneous sound in the recording. If you simply put the microphone on your desktop or kitchen table, it will pick up all kinds of background noises, from howling computer fans, humming from refrigerators and fluorescent lights, squeaking chairs to knocks on the desktop/table surface . Another ugly sound is reverberation caused by your voice bouncing off hard surfaces like walls or tabletops, which imparts a hollow, blurry effect to the sound, reducing the punch and intimacy.

Professional narrators, of course, record in soundproofed studios, but that’s not always an option. This Portable Sound Booth (pictured below), which houses the microphone is a collapsible bag containing acoustic foam.  Placing the microphone inside the Sound Booth will help block background noise and reverberation. We highly recommend that you use one of these Portable SoundBooths.  Please contact QNS and we will arrange to send one to you.

Looking for help with pronunciations:

How to Pronounce

For foreign language try:

The International Dialects of English Archive