Information for Narrators


Being in Voice Workshops conducted by Flloyd Kennedy

Please email with your expression of interest in attending a Being in Voice workshop with Flloyd Kennedy (Performer, Director, Voice & Acting Coach).  The workshops run commence at 10 am and concluding at 1pm with a light lunch.  New narrators are encouraged to attend. Numbers will be restricted to 6-8.

The workshop will cover the following:

•            Introduce participants to the concept of voice as a physical construct within their ability to produce, empower, enhance and control

•            Vocal Function Exercise program                        •            Relaxation exercises

•            Resonance exercises                                          •            Cold reading technique

•            Prepared reading technique

These workshops are extremely valuable and we highly recommend you attend one.  If you would like to attend please phone QNS on 07 3324 0004 or email

Mac Computer and Audacity Training

We continue to offer any narrator who may still be experiencing difficulties, no matter how minor, the opportunity to come in to QNS Studio to receive one-on-one training in any area you may be having difficulty with.

If you are interested please contact QNS either via email or by phone 07 3324 0004.