How to Become a Narrator

Do you love reading? Do you enjoy reading aloud? QNS is always looking for narrators. Below are some documents which explain the expectations QNS has of volunteer narrators. Please complete the form below – this tells us about you. It also prompts you to think about things such as your availability and how noisy your home environment is. The other forms tell you more about QNS and narrating. Sometimes further thinking about your circumstances may reveal that narrating is not for you. On the other hand, this thinking may reveal that it is for you! So, if you are interested, download the forms from the links below and have a read. Then email us!

After 53 years of service to people in our community who have a print disability the Queensland Narrating Service will hang up its microphones and close its studio door at the end of June 2021. Thank you all for your support over the years.

Prospective Narrator Questionnaire
Narrator Selection Hints
Narrator Audition Kit

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1. Generally speaking, how many hours per week can you spare when you have agreed to do a narration?

2. Would you prefer to have something to read:

3. Are you available at short notice?

4. Are school holidays an awkward time for recording?

5. Are you available for other volunteer work at QNS such as monitoring other narrators work, labelling and packaging orders and office assistance?

6. Are you available to narrate in the QNS studio?

7. Do you have areas of expertise or interest? This will assist us in allocating university and TAFE texts. Please mention qualifications you have.

8. Do you have any experience in radio, acting, drama or any other vocation which involves voice training?

9. Do you have any other relevant skills or interests that could assist you in narrating? e.g. have you read out loud to people, maybe children, do you listen to audio books?

10. How comfortable are you with audio technology? Have you used a microphone and recording equipment? Do you own a computer?

11. Do you have a quiet space where you can narrate without interruption or distracting noises?

12. Tell us briefly why you would like to narrate for QNS and what you expect from volunteering for QNS.

13. How did you find out about QNS?

14. Are you open to receiving constructive criticism?

To indicate preferences, tick the appropriate box:
read anything
business studieslaweconomics
English languageESLlinguistics
auto/biographylight fictionchildren's booksliterature/poetryscience fictiondramamodernromanceAustralianmysterieswesterns
computer sciencemathematicsstatistics
religion materialyoga/meditationnew age
ancient historymodern historyanthropologyphilosophysocial workeducationpolitical sciencesociologygeography

Do you speak any other languages? Please list:

QNS staff do not read books before asking narrators to read them. We read reviews and the synopsis and other material such as author information. Many books today have small amounts of graphic or explicit material that could be categorised as: violence, blasphemy, sex scenes and coarse language. If you find that you do not want to read this material then we will NOT consider you for novel reading. QNS staff try to ensure that books chosen for narration are not offensive.

You will only be considered for novel reading if you tick the box below after reading the corresponding sentence.

I understand that many novels contain varying degrees of explicit material. I do not mind reading this material. tick