Narrators’ Profiles

The voice of the narrator is the muse of audiobooks. But, what we hear is more than just words. We hear the rhythm and the rhyme, the tone and the tension of the voice behind the microphone. Even though they must use the words the author dictates, the voice colors the context, the emotional weight, the emphasis. Their narration brings the words into our minds’ imagination and makes our experience absorbing, memorable and inspiring.

Here at QNS, we celebrate volunteers who are brilliant at audiobook narration. We salute them not only for what they do, but also for their dedication to this art form. These talented narrators have defined the craft of audiobook narration and we want you to know the people behind these voices.

Here are the profiles of some of our volunteer narrators:

Ann Tracey

Barbara Duncan

Clem Fechner

Kaye Stevenson

Pierce Bragg