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Simpson Returns

Ninety years after they were thought to have died heroically in the Great War, the stretcher-bearer Simpson and his donkey journey through country Victoria, performing minor miracles and surviving on offerings left at war memorials. They are making their twenty-ninth, and perhaps final, attempt to find the country’s famed Inland Sea. [click to continue…]

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Why Time Flies

For more than two thousand years the world’s great minds have argued about the true essence of time. Is it finite or infinite? Is it continuous or discrete? Does it flow like a river or is it granular, proceeding in small bits like sand trickling through an hourglass? And most immediately, what is the present?


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Wilder Country

Finn, Kas and Willow have survived the winter of storms. Severe winds and cold have kept the Wilders at bay. Now that spring has come, everything has changed. They’re being hunted again, and they won’t be safe while Ramage wants their blood.

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The Starlings

It’s March 1985 and Nicky Starling is turning eight, but it’s a sad day. Nicky’s grandmother Didie has just died. Almost worse—his father’s beloved football team has lost the first match of the season.

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The Last Thread

Michaelis is four when they first move to Australia, leaving behind the cold and the snow and the mud, the flat grey landscape, his father, his mother’s family, and everything he has ever known. He is seven when they pack up again and go home, nine when they return to Australia. When you are used to it, leaving is the easiest thing in the world – and where the sea is warm and the days linger, it is easier to forget. [click to continue…]

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All Fall Down

The Three Crooked Kings story ends here.

The most anticipated book of the year has finally arrived. All Fall Down is the gripping finale to Matthew Condon’s epic true- crime trilogy about crooked cops, bagmen and blackmail, and the monumental saga of greed that infiltrated the Queensland police force.

Here also ends Police Commissioner Terry Lewis’ story and the demise of the Rat Pack and their corrupt system of graft payments known as ‘The Joke’.

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Jacks and Jokers

In Three Crooked Kings we read about the shocking true story of Queensland and how a society was shaped by almost half a century of corruption. In Jacks and Jokers, the story continues as Terry Lewis becomes police commissioner and the era of corruption at the highest levels of the police and government continues. As the Queensland police become more connected with their colleagues in Sydney, the rise of heavy drugs and crime escalates. Tony Murphy and Glen Hallahan, two of the original ‘crooked kings’, become more enmeshed with ‘The Joke’, which is run by bagman Jack Herbert.

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Three Crooked Kings

In 1949, a young Terence Murray Lewis graduated from the police academy, ready to start his career in law enforcement. Over the next four decades, he rose to the pinnacle of power as the knighted Commissioner of Police in Queensland before his spectacular downfall and imprisonment after the Fitzgerald Inquiry in the late 1980s. The book follows Lewis’ journey through the ranks, as he becomes part of the so-called Rat Pack with detectives Glen Hallahan and Tony Murphy under the guiding influence of Commissioner Frank Bischof. [click to continue…]

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My Beautiful Enemy

I was blinded by his beauty. In the one or two photographs I’ve kept of him I can still see it. He stares out of them almost miserably, as if his loveliness is an affliction. Not that I saw it that way, at least not in the beginning. In the beginning I thought it was a kind of miracle.

Arthur Wheeler is haunted by his infatuation with a Japanese youth he encountered in the enemy alien camp where he worked as a guard during WW2. Abandoning his wife and baby son, Arthur sets out on a doomed mission to rescue his lover from forced deportation back to Japan, a country in ruins. [click to continue…]

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After the Monsoon

An Australian patriotic saga which spans two world wars. [click to continue…]

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No One’s Son

In his book No One’s Son, Tewodros recounts the challenges and triumphs of surviving a poverty-stricken childhood on the streets of Ethiopia. The backdrop of civil war and the boundaries of tradition strands him between his mother’s despair and his father’s pride. As he struggles with loneliness and the need for love, his enduring courage […]

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Managing Death

It’s not easy being Death. For starters, people keep dying. And then, they keep getting up again. Steven de Selby got promoted. This makes the increasing number of stirrers (and the disturbing rumors of a zombie god rising sometime soon) his problem.

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At forty-four Tom Jokinen began to seriously question the secular funeral rites that are taking over the industry: is this really the way we want to say our final goodbyes? The question had such a hard grip on his Finnish soul that he decided to quit his job in order to become an apprentice undertaker.

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Thrust together on a crowded city bus, week after week, the lives of five strangers unfold unexpectedly over the course of this compelling novel.

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Light of their Lives

Light of Their Lives isn’t just a story about a group of people restoring Queensland’s first coast light.

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The Jack Irish Double

Jack Irish is no ordinary investigator. He was a Melbourne criminal lawyer, but quit when a deranged client murdered his wife.

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Dig 3ft NW

It was the greatest expedition of its time.

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Gangland Australia

Gangland Australia is a book about organized crime and the professional criminals who have recklessly cut a swathe through Australia over the last 200 years.

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The gruff widower Holland has two possessions he cherishes above all others: his sprawling property of eucalyptus trees and his ravishingly beautiful daughter, Ellen.

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