Russell Cockerill

The Vintage and the Gleaning is set in a winemaking town in the north-east of Victoria, close to the Murray River. Smithy is a retired shearer turned vineyard worker who has recently been forced to give up drinking after a lifetime of alcoholism. In his new sobriety he is contemplating the world in which he lives and the man he has been and become with a new understanding. Assaulted by long forgotten memories, Smithy is forced to take stock of his own past.  [click to continue…]

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Omega Park

Omega Park is a housing commission estate on the fringes of Queensland’s Gold Coast. Dingo Patterson and Jacob Box are growing up and trying to survive. [click to continue…]

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The Window Seat

Aboriginal author Archie Weller has become an important voice in contemporary Indigenous writing. The Window Seat is a collection of 19 of his best short fiction—some award-winning, some previously unpublished and some of the first stories he ever wrote. [click to continue…]

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Brown Skin Blue

Barry Mundy has brown skin and blue sin and, at seventeen, those two colours define his life. When he gets a job at the Croc-Jumping cruises on the Adelaide River in the Northern Territory, he carries a list of names of the men who could be his father. [click to continue…]