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Wild Man

In April 2012 a man was shot dead by police on a remote farm in New South Wales called the School of Happiness. The victim, who was high on a cocktail of drugs and who suffered from mental illness, had been threatening attendees of a hippie festival with a crossbow and hunting knife. When the police finally arrived, they tried to subdue him but, ultimately, fatal shots were fired. [click to continue…]

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The Mothers

In 1917, while the world is at war, Alma and her children are living in a sleep-out at the back of Mrs Lovett’s house in working-class Footscray. When Alma falls pregnant, her daughter Molly is born in secret. As Molly grows up, there is a man who sometimes follows her on her way to school.

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This House of Grief

“Anyone can see the place where the children died. You take the Princes Highway past Geelong, and keep going west in the direction of Colac. Late in August 2006, soon after I had watched a magistrate commit Robert Farquharson to stand trial before a jury on three charges of murder, I headed out that way on a Sunday morning, across the great volcanic plain.”

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Shy – a memoir

Sian Prior has maintained a career in the public eye, as a broadcaster and performer, for more than twenty years. For far longer than that she has suffered from excruciating shyness. Eventually, after bolting from a party in a state of near-panic, she decides to investigate her condition. What is it — shyness? Where did hers come from? Why does it create such distressing turmoil beneath her assured professional front?

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A collection of fables in which the intuition of animals is set against the hubris of man, Anson Cameron is part court jester, part acclaimed writer of short stories and novels and part national conscience.

A cola company uses the last wild polar bears as billboards. A boy is forced to compose poems for cats. A dog starts a race- riot. A zebra shames two armies. A zoologist vivisects a gorilla to disprove evolution and has his own brain placed in the ape’s head. [click to continue…]

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The Fortunes of Ruby White

Ruby White has burnt her bridges. She has no job, no direction in life, and just enough money to last a month if she eats only rice and her cat catches his own meals. When her best friend, Anise, holds a dress-up party, Ruby drowns her sorrows and meets Damien, whose vampire costume belies his sweet nature. With time on her hands, Ruby soon finds herself at a seminar for those who are Hyper Auto-Aware, a condition she never knew existed, run by the Jaasmyn Empire, a company she’s never heard of. To Ruby’s astonishment, and that of those who know her, she is offered a job. [click to continue…]

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Norfolk Island

Captain James Cook discovered Norfolk Island during his second voyage around the world in 1774, and felled one of the island’s distinctive pine trees to make a mast for his ship, the Resolution.

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With Bags and Swags

Back in the 1940s life was very different. On leaving school, teenagers were expected to get a good, steady job but Melbourne school friends Wendy Law and Shirley Duncan wanted to travel. [click to continue…]

When the last of Vivienne Ulman’s four children left home, she and her husband were poised to enjoy their freedom. Then, her mother’s Alzheimer’s intervened. [click to continue…]

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What Came Between

One street. Three couples. A world of possibilities.

In 1989 the Newcastle earthquake opens up faultlines in the relationships of three couples who reside in adjoining terraces, changing their lives irreparably. [click to continue…]