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Growing up Asian in Australia

Asian-Australians have often been written about by outsiders, as outsiders. In this collection, compiled by award-winning author Alice Pung, they tell their own stories with verve, courage and a large dose of humour. These are not predictable tales of food, festivals and traditional dress. The food is here in all its steaming glory – but listen more closely to the dinner-table chatter and you might be surprised by what you hear. [click to continue…]

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Icing on the Damper

This is the real life story of the Outback that will make you proud to be Australian. The Mahood family are battlers who never ask for something for nothing and who never give up. Join the Mahood’s in the desert at Mongrel Downs’ somewhere West of Alice Springs. Or at the cattle camp in Central Queensland’s tropical Brahman bull country complete with ticks, fleas, sandflies and mosquitoes like German dive-bomber’s. [click to continue…]

Continuing the story of Susan Duncan’s bestselling and much-loved memoir, Salvation Creek, The House picks up after Bob and Susan marry and, two years later, move from her Tin Shed into his ‘pale yellow house on the high, rough hill’, Tarrangaua, built for the iconic Australian poet, Dorothea Mackellar. [click to continue…]

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The Faraday Girls

As a child, Maggie Faraday grew up in a lively, unconventional household in Tasmania, with her young mother, four very different aunts and eccentric grandfather. [click to continue…]

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Valley Belles

Peering into the lives of a group of women, from the rough and ready to the genteel, Valley Belles reveals the intricate tapestry that made up their remarkable lives. [click to continue…]

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In Distant Fields

When Kitty is invited to stay with her friend Partita at Bauders Castle she is sure she must refuse. [click to continue…]

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First Impressions

Eden Palmer knows how to make it on her own. The forty-something single mother has worked hard to raise her beloved daughter – now twenty-seven and recently married. [click to continue…]

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Henry’s Women

Millie’s fiancé had been ‘stolen’ by her sister, Esme, leaving Millie to live at home, caring for her father. But when he dies in 1891, she’s left without a penny and goes to live with Esme and Leo as a domestic. [click to continue…]

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The Captive Heart

World War I ended well for the Franklins, prosperous Clydeside shipbuilders. But trouble is brewing behind their respectable facade. [click to continue…]

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A Sign of the Times

It’s 1959, and Boots Adams and his wife Polly are at their favourite Camberwell pub when they witness with horror a sudden and vicious attack on the barman, Joe, by a knife-wielding thug. [click to continue…]

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Growing Up

Glasgow, 1939. On the eve of war, Mirrin Stewart, a newly qualified young teacher, is too absorbed in her own troubles to pay much attention to world affairs.

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As the Night Ends

Driven by her idealism and courage, Alex Goodwin will make any sacrifice to win votes for women.

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One True Love

Susanne Thorne is an orphan of means – which is why her aunt, Bette Hollander, is willing to welcome the young heiress into her home in far-away Scotland, and to encourage a friendship with her handsome, charming and dissolute son, Louis.

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A Bitter Legacy

Jamaica, 1806. Justin Brent arrives from England to take over his uncle’s sugar plantation. Young and idealistic, he is shocked by the attitudes of his fellow ‘Buckras’ to the slaves who work for them, yet he is captivated by the exotic, sensual beauty of this Carribean island and its people.

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Changing Fortunes

*Romance Danger and mystery beckon when beautiful Chloe Blake, in search of independence, takes up a position as companion to the bed-ridden Jessica Maitland at Fairfield House.

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Noodles on our Ceiling

The Culvers have moved to the country and Stacey hates everything about it. Living in a tiny humpy with five other people is chaotic.

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The Chestnut Tree

A romantic novel set in a small fishing village preparing for war. The women are determined to find new roles for themselves. audio excerpt of The Chestnut Tree Cat no: 3266

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Safe Harbour

As Canon of the Parisian cathedral of St John’s, Crispin Wakefield has attracted both a loyal and devoted following but also the jealousy of his Dean.  And while his faith demands frugality, the expensive indulgences of his wife and daughters are threatening financial ruin.

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The Wind off the Sea

It is 1947, the worst winter in England since records began, and even the sea is frozen.  For the women living in the little fishing port of Bexham, the chronic lack of everything from fuel to food has left them reeling.

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As I’ve Seen It

Mercy Dickinson sees life with a sharpness and clarity very few of us possess.  What started out as a carefree life soon became tumultuous and filled with obstacles and frustrations.

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