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The Odd Woman And The City

A memoir of self-discovery and the dilemma of connection in our time, The Odd Woman and the City explores the rhythms, chance encounters, and ever-changing friendships of urban life that forge the sensibility of a fiercely independent woman who has lived out her conflicts, not her fantasies, in a city (New York) that has done the same. [click to continue…]

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The Yellow Papers

It’s 1872 and China — still bruised from its defeat in the two Opium Wars — sends a group of boys, including seven-year-old Chen Mu, to America to study and bring back the secrets of the West. But, nine years on, Chen Mu becomes a fugitive and flees to Umberumberka, a mining town in outback Australia. He eventually finds peace working for Matthew Dawson, a rich pastoralist.

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The Midnight Dress

When a teenage girl disappears, a small town is awash with rumours: everyone is talking about the dress she wore, a midnight-blue dress made from the remnants of other dresses, a dress of stories …

For her whole life, Rose Lovell has moved from town to town with her alcoholic father. When they wash up in a coastal sugarcane town, Rose wonders if this time it will be different. [click to continue…]

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Tom and Jordy have been living with their gran since the day their mother, Loretta, left them on her doorstep and disappeared.

Now Loretta’s returned, and she wants her boys back.

Tom and Jordy hit the road with Loretta in her beat-up car. The family of three journeys across the country, squabbling, bonding, searching and reconnecting. [click to continue…]

“People were supposed to remember who they were and where they lived. They were supposed to remember who loved them and who did not and where their grandmothers were born. Martin Jeremiah Westley didn’t remember any of it, including the fact that he was Martin Jeremiah Westley.” [click to continue…]

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Two Greeks

Ten-year-old Andy senses that his peculiar little family is on the brink of collapse.

His father, Cypriot migrant Haralambos Stylianou, rules his quarter-acre kingdom like a tyrant. His mother is waiting for the advent of no-fault diverse when she will shuck off Harry Stylianou’s crazy bullying and live in peace. [click to continue…]

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A Darker Music

When Mary Lanyon takes on the job of temporary housekeeper at Downe, a famous Merino stud, she is looking forward to staying in a gracious homestead with the wealthy Hazlitt family. The owner’s wife, Clio, has been ill, and Mary’s task is to get the house back into shape in the lead-up to the wedding of the only son and heir, Martin. [click to continue…]

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Murdering Stepmothers

Sensational rumours of the murder of three small children by their stepmother ignite the passions of Perth citizens in 1909. Shocked by horrific descriptions of how she poisoned the children, they demand her execution as one voice. [click to continue…]

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Candice is a young woman setting out on her first visit to the traditional land of her Aboriginal grandmother. [click to continue…]

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The Murranji Track

Ghost Road of the Drovers
The Murranji: a waterhole, a region, track and legend. Although only 240 kilometres long, of all the difficult stock routes in Australia the Murranji Track gained one of the fiercest reputations. [click to continue…]

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Valley Belles

Peering into the lives of a group of women, from the rough and ready to the genteel, Valley Belles reveals the intricate tapestry that made up their remarkable lives.

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Out of the Shadows

Times move on for the Adams family in south London, and as business prospers there are new worries to deal with.

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Beside the River

Celia, a young English immigrant, finds life in a remote Australian township lonely and dull. Then she becomes caught up in local affairs and finds that beneath the surface, things are not all what they seem. audio excerpt of Beside the River Cat no: 3504

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A Flower in Season

Briony Marsden has led a hard life, forced to do the work of a grown man while enduring her drunkard father’s taunts and blows. But when he goes too far one day, her fate becomes even worse as she makes her way alone in a heartless world.

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Connie’s Secret

It was a murder that would rock the tight-knit community; a murder made all the more shocking by the fact that their assailant was a local man working for the Sommerlads.

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