Jan Huggett

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A Most Peculiar Act

Set in a 1940s Darwin fringe camp, A Most Peculiar Act follows the exploits and adventures of sixteen-year-old Sugar and her resistance to the ludicrous policy of assimilation.

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When Gracie, Daisy and Molly are taken from their mothers and sent away to a camp at Moore River, thousands of miles from their home country, they decide to escape.

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The Floating Garden

Sydney, Milsons Point, 1926. Entire streets are being demolished for the building of the Harbour Bridge. Ellis Gilbey, landlady by day, gardening writer by night, is set to lose everything. Only the faith in the book she s writing, and hopes for a garden of her own, stave off despair. As the tight-knit community splinters and her familiar world crumbles, Ellis relives her escape to the city at 16, landing in the unlikely care of self-styled theosophist Minerva Stranks.

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This stunning and intoxicating novel speaks of passion and obsession, ranging in setting from an Australian rainforest to Boston and Toronto. A mysterious and elusive love affair haunts the lives of three women in Australia.

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Loving Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman was a Nobel Prize-winning physicist. Catherine is a science-loving fifteen year old. Richard helped build the atom bomb. Catherine’s just trying to survive school.

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True Spirit

TRUE SPIRIT is Jessica’s story and in it she will detail her preparation, her journey and her battle with sleep deprivation, gale-force winds, mountainous seas… [click to continue…]

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Playing House

Playing House is a rare pleasure – a warm and humorous memoir in three parts that subtly reveals what it means to create a family. [click to continue…]

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Over the Top with Jim

In 1950s’ Brisbane the Cold War is hot news, and so were the cakes at ‘Lunns for Buns’, Fred and Olive’s famous Annerley Junction cake shop. Enter one Jim Egoroff: Russian agent, all- round tough guy (aged 9) and the boy Hugh Lunn (also aged 9) is destined to make his ‘left-hand’ man. [click to continue…]

The Torres Strait was the escape from the treacherous coral graveyard of the Great Barrier Reef, but an escape that claimed many a Dutch merchant ship and Spanish gold galleon.  Indonesian/Chinese beche-de-mer fishing fleets and Japanese pearl divers helped to make these waters the most exotic in the world.  [click to continue…]