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Bitter Wash Road

When Hirsch heads up Bitter Wash Road to investigate the gunfire, he finds himself cut off without back-up. A pair of thrill killers has been targeting isolated farmhouses on lonely backroads, but Hirsch’s first thought is that ‘back-up’ is nearby – and is about to put a bullet in him.

That’s because Hirsch is a whistleblower. Formerly a promising metropolitan officer, now demoted and exiled to a one-cop station in South Australia’s wheatbelt. [click to continue…]

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Deep South

A wonderful collection of twenty-four short stories that celebrate the history, culture and creativity of Tasmania.

Tasmania is another country — a lush, sometimes foreboding island with a people fiercely protective of its history, culture and creativity. [click to continue…]

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Ray – Stories of My Life

Ray Martin needs no introduction. Well known as the face of the Midday Show, A Current Affair, 60 Minutes, Carols by Candlelight… If you trust anyone on Australian television, you trust Ray Martin.

But Ray’s was a less than stellar introduction to the glamorous world of television. Before he had even got to high school, he had lived in thirteen different places, in three Australian states, mostly in the bush. [click to continue…]

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The Hard Light of Day

A story of a whitefella-blackfella friendship that offers hope for the future.

Two years after artist Rod Moss arrived in Alice Springs to teach painting, he met an Indigenous couple who had set up camp in the gully beside his flat. Over the next twenty- five years, his friendship with Xavier and Petrina Neil and the friendships that grew from it with the families of Whitegate, an Arrernte camp on the outskirts of town, would nourish and challenge Moss beyond his imagining. [click to continue…]

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A Simpler Time

A memoir of love, laughter, loss and billycarts.

It still amazes me what they allowed us to do without their supervision or help while remaining deeply loving parents. Climb trees from the age of four or five? No problem. Drive the tractor from the age of eight or nine onwards? Good luck to you. Haul on the hoist to pull the half-ton bins filled with oranges off the trailer? Yes. Take your bike out on the Pacific Highway and ride to school? Just be careful, but okay … [click to continue…]

Kevin Rudd emerged after a period of prolonged instability and internal strife within the federal ALP to establish himself as a popular leader who could unify his party and mount a real challenge to John Howard. [click to continue…]

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The Trout Opera

The Trout Opera is a stunning epic novel that encompasses twentieth-century Australia. [click to continue…]