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My First Lesson

The stories in this anthology are special because they capture the school experience with rare authenticity.

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Mrs Whitlam

Marnie Clark of Curdie Vale can ride but she doesn’t have a horse. She dreams of owning one and having the whole world to ride it in. Before too long Marnie is gifted Mrs Margaret ‘Maggie’ Whitlam, a beautiful, big Clydesdale – bold, fearless and able to jump anything. [click to continue…]

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Great Expectations

Rather than relaxed and comfortable, Australians are disenchanted with politics and politicians. In this brilliant short book – an expanded version of her acclaimed Quarterly Essay – Laura Tingle shows that the reason for this goes to something deep in Australian culture: our great expectations of government.

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What role does Neanderthal DNA play in our genetic makeup? How did the theory of eugenics embraced by Nazi Germany first develop? How is trust passed down in Africa and silence inherited in Tasmania? How are private companies like uncovering, preserving and potentially editing the past?

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Daniel Mannix, Archbishop of Melbourne from 1917 until his death, aged ninety-nine, in 1963, was a towering figure in Melbourne’s Catholic community. But his political interventions had a profound effect on the wider Australian nation too.

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The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka

The Eureka Stockade.

It’s one of Australia’s foundation legends — yet the story has always been told as if half the participants weren’t there. But what if the hot-tempered, free-spirited gold miners we learned about at school were actually husbands and fathers, brothers and sons?

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A History of Silence

As Christchurch lies in ruins after the catastrophic earthquake of February 2011, Lloyd Jones begins a search for his past, a search that takes him through childhood memories of puzzling events to Pembroke Dock in Wales and finally to the discovery of a devastating court transcript. [click to continue…]

Leading authors reflect on events throughout Australian history, starting 14000 years ago when rising sea levels closed the land bridge between mainland Australia and Tasmania, through to the traumatic events of September 2001. [click to continue…]

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True North

Growing up in suburban Perth in the 1920s, the two Durack girls were fascinated by tales of the pioneering past of their father and grandfather overlanding from Queensland in the 1880s and setting up four vast cattle stations in the remote north. [click to continue…]

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Green Mountains

Born in 1903 to a pioneering Irish-Catholic family, Bernard O’Reilly spent his first twelve years in the secluded Kanimbla Valley of the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. The family then moved to the wild and largely unexplored McPherson Ranges in southern Queensland. Here the innate O’Reilly pioneering spirit eventually succeeded in establishing a haven for guests in the midst of a rainforest paradise. Bernard O’Reilly died in 1975. [click to continue…]

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The Spirit of O’Reillys

Families wax and wane through the decades of an ever changing hectic world, but the O’Reilly family have remained true to their core vales and strengths throughout the generations and above all else maintained the brave and generous spirit forged by the late and great Bernard O’Reilly and his predecessors. Charles Darwin once wrote after […]

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Melbourne Remade

Come on a journey beyong the city’s beloved laneways and read the palimpsest that is Melbourne. Audio excerpt for Melbourne Remade Cat no: 3788

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Peril Under the Pandanus

This time CrimeWriters Queensland go to the beach – and come up with 19 new stories that keep the crime wave of great local reading on a deep Pacific roll.

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It is 1872 in Sydney and gold fever is running high, high enough to inspire swells and diggers alike to set sail for exotic New Guinea. They call New Guinea Isla del Oro – Island of Gold. But even to reach these mythical gold fields they first have to navigate the treacherous seas of the […]

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Heartbreak Corner

This is the heroic and sometimes tragic story of the Irish immigrant families, the Costellos, Duracks and Tullys, who came to Australia in the 1840s and 1850s.

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From Bullock Team to Puffing Billy

This is a personal history filled with all the colour and excitement of frontier times.  Toohey succeeds in bringing to life the human stories of the founders of Mareeba, Atherton, Herbertron, Irvinebank, the Evelyn Tableland, Chillagoe, Ravenshoe, Millaa Millaa and Malanda.

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Australian Tragic

Australian Tragic is about a nation that began its life as a stage for misfortune – and ever since has struggled to outgrow its birthright. These are gripping tales that take us into the heart of this country: tales of genuine catastrophe, of grand chances gone astray, of fools and their plans pathetically undone, of heartbreaking […]

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Sturt’s Desert Drama

1844 – A motley party under Charles Sturt sets out to penetrate Australia’s mysterious Centre.  the hour is desperate:  South Australia is sliding into bankruptcy and the colonials look to Sturt as the “Father of Australian Exploration” to find rich lands to rescue the economy.  The massive, unwieldy expedition plods up the Murray, dragging along […]

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Here on Earth

HERE ON EARTH is a biography of our planet and our species. We stand at a crossroads, where comprehension of our place in nature—of our true abilities and of our history—is supremely important.

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