Library Orders and Delivery

If you are a librarian and you want to include QNS audio books in your collection then you can look at past catalogues or you can search the audio book catalogue on this website, then download the form on this page and email it to Most QNS audio books are open access and are able to be placed on the shelves with all other audio books where this is the libraries policy. If you are interested in purchasing open access books then search the on-line catalogue using ‘open access’. QNS Audio books are also available from ALS Library Services.

A full marc record for each title is available on the Libraries Australia Database.  QNS titles can also be ordered from ALS Library ServicesAudio-Read and OverDrive.

Orders will be dealt with promptly and are usually despatched within 2 weeks of receipt (this time-frame may vary depending on the size of the order). All audio books are despatched freight-free. Please quote catalogue numbers when ordering.

Replacement CDs

We provide a fast replacement CD and presentation folder service. We guarantee replacement CDs, DAISY and MP3 CDs will always be available for any title ordered regardless of when first issued.

When ordering replacement CDs, DAISY and MP3 CDs or presentation folders, quote the QNS catalogue number and the CD number to be replaced.  The catalogue number is located on the front cover of the audio book, ensure you write “CD”, “DAISY” or “MP3” after the catalogue number if you require a replacement CD, DAISY or MP3 CD.

Request titles

Do you have clients approaching you and requesting titles? Why not ask QNS if we could narrate the title. Call on (07) 3324 0004 or email