There are so many print  books available in public libraries also libraries are moving more and more towards digital systems. But what about the many people who have a print disability and cannot read these books? It is important to make libraries places where accessibility and inclusion are part of the fabric of the place. Commercial audio books are generally best sellers. What about all the other books that people with print disabilities might want to read? Biographies, autobiographies, histories and Australian fiction and non-fiction are just a few of the genres that remain popular beyond the best sellers. Including QNS audio books in a library collection means that people who would never otherwise get a chance to read a book can do so. QNS audio books focus on Australian content specially for people with print disabilities.

If you are a librarian and you want to include QNS audio books in your collection then you can look at past catalogues or you can search the audio book catalogue on this website, then download the form on this page and email it to Most QNS audio books are open access and are able to be placed on the shelves with all other audio books where this is the libraries policy. If you are interested in purchasing open access books then search the on-line catalogue using ‘open access’. QNS Audio books are also available from ALS Library Services. For further information about Library Orders and Delivery click here.

The Queensland Narrating Service is now partnered with OverDrive to be able to provide Australian and New Zealand libraries with a selection of Australian content audio book titles. There are currently 114 audio book titles to choose from with more being added in the near future. Purchase through OverDrive to make Queensland Narrating Service titles available to your patrons today.  The Queensland Narrating Service can be found on the OverDrive Market Place at


Queensland Narrating Service employs stringent processes which ensure that the quality of QNS audio books continues to meet the high standards expected by readers and librarians.

Award 1988 The National Audio Book-of-the-Year Award 1988. The National Audio Book-of-the-Year Award 1990. The National Audio Book-of-the-Year Award 1990.

Human Voice Vs Computer Generated Voice

The Queensland Narrating Service prides itself on producing quality human voice narrations.

You only need to compare a Human voice to a Computer generated voice to understand the benefits:

Female Human Voice – Female Computer Generated Voice

Male Human Voice – Male Computer Generated Voice


Sally Piper – Author of Grace’s Table

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the experience of listening to Grace’s voice come alive in this way and to hear the emphasis and tone the reader placed on Grace’s (and other character’s) words and thoughts. I would like to thank Kaye Stevenson for lending my character her beautiful and articulate voice and for bringing her alive for me, despite being the author, in this new and captivating way.

I would also like to express my thanks and gratitude to the Queensland Narrating Service for bringing books such as mine to the attention of print disabled readers. As you say on your website, it gives readers the opportunity to listen to stories that aren’t necessarily on best seller lists, which to my mind only expands the breadth and depth of literature available to our community of readers beyond the expected.”

Coordinator – Public Library Support, Plains Central Library South Australia

“I appreciate receiving the feedback you received from one of our library patrons. It does demonstrate the value and pleasure that QNS products bring to library customers. I will share this feedback with interested people in my team here.”

Barry Abley – Author of Key Clicks and High Tension

“I stand in awe of your narrators ability to represent such a diverse range of characters, and tackle the technical jargon of wireless telegraphy. All of which made your task much more difficult. A fellow Amateur Radio Operator, who has a visual impairment and had grown up with Morse, read the book using a magnifying device, and was adamant that many others would enjoy the story if it were narrated. Thanks to your efforts that may come to fruition.”

Individual Consumer

“I would like to thank you very much for Peter Yeldham’s book A Bitter Harvest.  My husband thoroughly enjoyed the book commenting on the fact that the reader was very good and that he was so enthralled with the story that he finished it I no time.”