Indigenous Resources

Anti-Discrimination Commission

In 2003 QNS worked with the Anti-Discrimination Commission to produce audio information for Torres Strait Islander Kriol speakers to listen to on the Anti-Discrimination website. The information was narrated by Bill Lowah.

Reconciliation Learning Circle Kit

QNS was approached by Australians for Reconciliation in April 2000 to produce the Reconciliation Learning Circle Kit in audio format for print disabled people attending a Learning Circle. The Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation, Canberra granted copyright permission for QNS to make this valuable audio resource available to the wider community through Australians for Reconciliation offices in other states as well as through public libraries throughout Queensland.

Black Chicks Talking

QNS produced 20 audio copies of the Black Chicks Talking program for the Optus Playhouse Theatre at QPAC in December 2002.