‘Listen Up’ Workshop

Two very successful workshops were carried out, one at Mabuiag Island community in the Torres Strait, and one at Wujal Wujal Indigenous community on the Bloomfield River 100 km south of Cooktown. The aim of these workshops was to pass on narrating skills to interested community members and show how the new recording equipment works. The materials created by the use of this equipment would be a valuable resource for community members. These materials will remain in the local library (if that is an agreed location). Five people participated in the workshops. These people will pass on their newfound skills to other interested members of their communities.

Participants were all young people who were keen to work in their communities, in their particular way, in the area of production. They were instructed in basic narrating skills so they could show other people. All participants were given a ‘Recording Stories’ manual.

There were lots of ideas about how the equipment and recording skills could be used in the future. Some of the ideas talked about were:

  • the recording of stories to assist with English learning – the recordings would take place in the local language, to accompany English text books.
  • recording stories as they are being told over the BRACS system by both elders and children
  • to build up a good collection of library materials that are community focussed, with particular emphasis on literacy in young children, children love to read stories about people they know in the community
  • recording in a more casual setting, with a strong emphasis on recording important stories told by elders
  • a group of people can be recorded telling stories with a microphone set up in the middle of a table
  • a group of children can listen to a recording of stories recorded by elders in the library