“Black Books”

The project supported Brisbane-based Indigenous actors and writers, with the exception of Marty Dodd, and made Indigenous literature available to print disabled readers. Copies of the books have been and continue to be distributed to libraries, Indigenous Knowledge Centres and community organisations who can pass the material on to those intended to benefit, ie people with print disabilities – those who find independent reading difficult or impossible. This has helped students with reading and people with special needs who are able to relate to the authors as role-models (both as writers and Indigenous ‘elders’). The two novels are Indigenous life-stories, which are a valuable part of our history.  To have them available and narrated by Indigenous readers imparts them with a cultural richness, which could never have been obtained with a non-indigenous narrator. With full permission of the author and publisher, Marty Dodd’s book, ‘They Liked Me, the horses, straightaway’, was serialised and played on radio CAAMA in Central Australia where the book is set and the author spent his life. Similarly, an Indigenous poetry collection narrated by the author of the works is also a unique resource.

They Liked Me, the horses, straightaway by Marty Dodd narrated by George Bostock









Is That You Ruthie by Ruth Hegarty narrated by Roxanne McDonald









Of Muse, Meandering and Midnight by Samuel Wagan Watson narrated by Samuel Wagan Watson