Indigenous Services

Warning:  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are advised that recordings in this collection may contain images or sound recordings of people who are deceased.

QNS is committed to building relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations, service users, communities and individuals. QNS strives to achieve what we can as an organisation to close the gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the broader community.

The use of audio formats is vital, in recognition of the importance of the oral transmission of historical and cultural knowledge in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and to overcome literacy barriers and vision loss. In remote communities english is often a second or third language and there is a great need for access to information for personal development to increase self-determination. Through technology QNS has the ability to provide a wide range of printed material in a digital audio format, suitable for playing on any platform, for people with a print disability.

Having access to printed information in an audio format, whether cultural stories or other information, facilitates development and capacity building within remote communities, enriching the lives of people living with a print disability. Access to information also enables and empowers Indigenous people with print disabilities to make informed decisions about matters affecting their daily lives.

QNS has produced a large range of audio format recreational reading materials written by Indigenous authors; search our catalogue for a list of titles. While also being an important resource for learning, these materials have the added benefit of increasing awareness and appreciation in the Australian community of the historical experience of Aboriginal communities and the survival of unique languages and cultures.

QNS has experience in producing Indigenous resources for the Anti-Discrimination Commission, Australians for Reconciliation and Optus Playhouse QPAC. QNS also has a demonstrated ability and history of working with Indigenous organisations and individuals on a variety of projects. View a list of collaborative projects QNS has been involved in.

Our previous work within this area stands QNS in good stead to partner with Indigenous organisations to provide digital audio information, for use on any platform, for service users, communities and individuals.


Bonita Mabo

“Hello. I’m Bonita Mabo, I live in Townsvile and I used the Narrating Service in 2014. It is a fantastic program and I enjoyed it because my eyes are failing me and its good I can get the book read to me. Yeah, its very enjoyable. I’ve got my husband’s book done for me, Eddie Mabo’s Life Story (Edward Koiki Mabo – his life and struggle for land rights), two of his books that Noel Loos wrote.  Maybe one day I’ll get my book done and get it done up like that too. (Laughs) Thank you”


National Close the Gap Day

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Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet

The Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet is an innovative Internet resource that aims to inform practice and policy in Indigenous health by making research and other knowledge readily accessible. In this way, we contribute to ‘closing the gap’ in health between Indigenous and other Australians.  Click to continue…