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Losing It

In the 1980s in the Melbourne suburb of Fawkner, Josie’s father is drinking himself to an ugly and appalling death. Josie’s mother is a fac- tory machinist, bringing home piecework to keep the family afloat.

And Josie is surviving, or not – self-destructive sex, excessive alcohol, drugs, brutalised friendships.

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Between Us

Ana is an Iranian asylum seeker who is only allowed out of deten- tion to attend school. There she meets Jono, who is dealing with his own problems: his mum has walked out, his sister has gone away to uni and he’s been left alone with his Vietnamese father, Kenny.

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Wilder Country

Finn, Kas and Willow have survived the winter of storms. Severe winds and cold have kept the Wilders at bay. Now that spring has come, everything has changed. They’re being hunted again, and they won’t be safe while Ramage wants their blood.

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Marsh and Me

There’s a hill out the back of Joey’s house. Hardly anyone goes there—it’s not a beautiful place, just a covered-over old rubbish tip. But Joey likes it up there. It’s his hill—somewhere he likes to go to wonder about life. He longs to be the best at something, to be a famous astronaut, or mountain climber, to stand out. [click to continue…]

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The sleepy town of Tired Sailor is nudged awake when a black child arrives, forcing the people to accept the child alongside memories of their own dark past. Rooster Clark, mad Aboriginal electrician, lives in the hidden reaches of the swamp and the more obscure reaches of his own brain, a swamp savant capable of anything – as long as he survives his own wiring. [click to continue…]

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Mrs Whitlam

Marnie Clark of Curdie Vale can ride but she doesn’t have a horse. She dreams of owning one and having the whole world to ride it in. Before too long Marnie is gifted Mrs Margaret ‘Maggie’ Whitlam, a beautiful, big Clydesdale – bold, fearless and able to jump anything. [click to continue…]

Brisbane in the fifties. The Fingleton kids don’t have much, but Tony always knew he could be someone special. He just didn’t know how. Until his father Harold realised how fast Tony and his kid brother could swim, and starrted training them to beat the world.

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From the Gabba to the Ekka, from a day on the beach with Fred at Sufferer’s Paradise’ to a rainbow cake supper at Auntie Vera’s country police station, Hugh Lunn tells more hilarious, over-the- top stories about his now famous Annerley Junction family.

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Nona & Me

Rosie and Nona are sisters. Yapas.

They are also best friends. It doesn’t matter that Rosie is white and Nona is Aboriginal: their family connections tie them together for life.

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Touch Me

For Xavier McLachlan, rugby is life, until he meets Nuala Magee. Has there ever been a girl like her? She’s feisty, she’s troubled, she’s dangerous.

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Loving Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman was a Nobel Prize-winning physicist. Catherine is a science-loving fifteen year old. Richard helped build the atom bomb. Catherine’s just trying to survive school.

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The Accident

A rainy night. A car crash. After the accident Sarah moves to a new school. A new place where no one knows what happened to her or her brother — where she doesn’t have to deal with the history that’s pulling the rest of her family apart. Will is keeping his head down at home, […]

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Over the Top with Jim

In 1950s’ Brisbane the Cold War is hot news, and so were the cakes at ‘Lunns for Buns’, Fred and Olive’s famous Annerley Junction cake shop. Enter one Jim Egoroff: Russian agent, all- round tough guy (aged 9) and the boy Hugh Lunn (also aged 9) is destined to make his ‘left-hand’ man.

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I Am David

David’s entire twelve-year life has been spent in a grisly prison camp in Eastern Europe. He knows nothing of the outside world. But when he is given the chance to escape, he seizes it. With his vengeful enemies hot on his heels, David struggles to cope in this strange new world, where his only resources […]

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The House on River Terrace

Ben Fielding is the sixteen year old son of a conservative politician. He is a dreamer and an artist whose friendship with the wild spirited atreet kid, Jess, draws him inevitably into conflict with his father.  

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Black Taxi

Rosie Sinclair lives in Prestwidge, the worst suburb in the entire universe.  She’s just your typical Prestie chick, really, with a healthy interest in boys, and clothes, and clothes, and shopping, and boys.  

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Swimming Upstream

Brisbane in the fifties.  The Fingleton kids didn’t have much, but Tony always knew he could be someone special.  He just didn’t know how.

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