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Imperfect Creations

For millennia, humankind has searched for an intellectual Holy Grail – a unifying theory to explain the origins of the universe and our place in it.

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On the Wallaby

In this book Gerry Walsh continues to revisit and explore the largely neglected but important aspects of life in the Australian bush – the deeds of colourful pioneers, bizarre incidents and little known or forgotten facts about rural life that he wrote about in The Bush and the Never Never, published in 2004.

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Butcher’s Hill or Lakeland is about halfway between Cooktown and Laura in the centre of the Cape York Peninsula. This history is a celebration of the explorers, settlers, battlers and dreamers who struggled against adversity to develop this region. It is an inspiring saga that will make Queenslanders proud of their heritage of more than 150 years. Historian Lennie Wallace has a gift for telling human, all too human stories. 

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A Guest of the Emperor

An official of the Japanese Embassy in 1988 asked Russell Savage had he ever visited Japan. “Oh, yes,” said R.S., “in 1944-45.” “You must have been a member of a delegation?” “Oh, no, I was a guest of the Emperor!” “You mean you stayed at the Palace?” “No, I was a prisoner of war…”

This biography is factual, deeply moving, but highly readable account of the experiences of a youthful gunner during his A.I.F. years, chiefly of the time spent by him, following the fall of Singapore, as a prisoner of war.


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AIM nurses in the outback 1901 to World War II. This book is about John Flynns angels of the Australian Outback in the early 20th century and the vital roles they palyed in fulfilling his dreams for a mantle of safety over the isolation of the bush.

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Up from the Mission charts the life and thought of Noel Pearson, from his early days as a native title lawyer to his position today as one of Australia’s most influential figures.

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Murder & Misadventure

What would it be like to stand in the dock at your own murder trial and to realise that the jury cannot hear even a shred of the evidence?

What became of Marjorie Norval, the attractive social secretary to the wife of a Queensland premier, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances in the 1930’s.

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A Bushman Remembers

When hard work was a way of life…

James Mahoney remembers life on a mixed farm, cooking in camp ovens, problems with wooden handles, gates, fences, and snakes, and cooling off under the willows with billy tea after a hard morning’s work. And he recalls learning how to plough a straight furrow, making money from rabbits, spuds, old bones and pigs, and clearing the property of blackberries and bunnies, and washing done in a pioneer laundry.

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The Brisbane Line

The “Brisbane line” was an alleged plan to abandon Northern Australia in the event of a Japanese invasion. The allegation was made during an election campaign in October 1942 when Edward Ward, the Minister for Labour and National Services accused the previous government of planning this strategy. The accusation was unsubstantiated by Ward and firmly denied by Menzies and all members of the previous government.

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Saturday, 7 February 2009. Truly the worst of days…

From dawn, the bush was tinder dry, and hot winds grew and fed off the baked landscape, sucking out every last drop of moisture, whipping sparks from power lines, and stirring up menace and danger.

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Red Dust Rising

This is the story of Ray’s ‘making something worthwhile’ of Urapunga, a run-down property on the Roper River. After years of ‘reaching up to touch bottom’, rough living and hard work, of learning to live in harmony with the tribal Aborigines, of coping with crocodiles in the rivers, diseases among his stock, and of being […]

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The Weather Makers

What does climate change mean? How will global warming affect our lives? Is it the cause of wilder storms and more frequent drought? Are these events inevitable? Tim Flannery makes these urgent issues completely accessible. He tells the fascinating story of climate spanning millions of years to help us understand the predicament we face.

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My First Lesson

The stories in this anthology are special because they capture the school experience with rare authenticity.

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All Fall Down

The Three Crooked Kings story ends here. The most anticipated book of the year has finally arrived. All Fall Down is the gripping finale to Matthew Condon’s epic true- crime trilogy about crooked cops, bagmen and blackmail, and the monumental saga of greed that infiltrated the Queensland police force. Here also ends Police Commissioner Terry […]

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Logan – Rich in History Young in Spirit

Logan is a modern day city with a history of great interest. Follow the story of Logan in a publication by Robyn Buchanan, which takes you on a journey exploring the discovery of the Logan area.

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Searching for the Secret River

Kate Grenville’s novel The Secret River moved and exhilarated many people when it was first published in 2005. Readers marvelled at the subtlety of its language, and the power of Grenville’s story- telling. And they recognised that this simple tale of a poor convict family settling on the banks of the Hawkesbury River in the […]

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Unsung Hereos of the Queensland Wilderness

Many of these stories are told by the pioneers themselves, showing how they lived in the 1880s and 1890s. Their stories are true memories handed down to me when I was a lad over sixty years ago.

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Our Federation – Brisbane: Patriotism, Passion and Protest

Federation was a time for Australians to show their patriotism, and so they did even in Brisbane. But it was a parochial patriotism which infected Brisbane and sternly declared. ‘Queensland for the Queenslanders”. On 2 September 1899 Queensland voted in favour of federation, while the capital returned a strong ‘no’ vote. This volume considers the […]

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Journey to Tomorrow: Different Pasts, One Future

This unique collection provides interesting and informative historical accounts of our journey from different pasts to one future as Australians.

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Yungaba 1887-1987

A centenary celebration provides the ideal perspective from which to view the past. The century separating the Immigration Depot of 1887 from the Yungaba of 1987 has encompassed much more than the disparity between a six week sea voyage and twenty six hours in the air, or a change from relief centre to translation service. […]

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