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The Battlers of Butcher’s Hill

Butcher’s Hill or Lakeland is about halfway between Cooktown and Laura in the centre of the Cape York Peninsula. This history is a celebration of the explorers, settlers, battlers and dreamers who struggled against adversity to develop this region. It is an inspiring saga that will make Queenslanders proud of their heritage of more than 150 years. Historian Lennie Wallace has a gift for telling human, all too human stories. 

She evokes the booming heyday of Cooktown and the Palmer and Hodgkinson Goldfields from 1874-1887. But her first love belongs to the rugged families of Butcher’s Hill who helped to found the cattle industry of the Cape York Peninsula: the Earls, RL Jack and JS Love, the Wallaces and the Marstersons mustered the valleys and the ranges from the 1870’s to the 1960’s. From 1968 to today the author hails the new agricultural dreams of Clive Foyster and Cyril Anderson.

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