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No Stone Unturned

When the author began this book it was to be a gift to her children to tell them of the richness of their heritage and the many things their ancestors had experienced. It also became a chronicle of Lebanon’s way of life, customs and ideas.

The author tells the story of her family through the experiences of her mother and father, her grandmother and grandfather, and the patriarch of the Brazilian branch of the family. They were adventurous people: born in Lebanon and emigrating, some to Brazil, some to the United States of America, and some to Australia.

She also re-creates her own rich and fascinating story, from growing up in Australia, to living in Lebanon in the golden days of the 1960’s and early 703, then returning to Australia following the eruption of the Civil War in 1975.

For readers of Lebanese descent who have not yet experienced Lebanon for themselves, the author hopes to encourage them to look back into their family histories and ‘find their roots’ in The Land of the Cedars.

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