Sandra Vinson. On demand service – Client since 1985

“My name is Sandra Vinson. I’ve been using the Narrating Service for 30 years. Many years ago it was the only place you could get anything recorded. Last year (2014) I had two books that I’ve got: a “Crochet Book” and it was so clear and distinct and I also had a “Shannon Lush A-Z All Cleaning” described and it was so clear, easy to follow. I had a different time the Narrating Service described “Directions for a phone and other implements”. I recommend them to anybody. For anybody that wants something recorded, I recommend Queensland Narrating Service. They will put it on a Daisy Disk or Mp3 Disk. They will describe novels, directions of anything in the household that you’ve bought new. A wonderful service. So clear and distinct to understand”.  

Audio excerpt for Sandra’s Testimonial

Owen Jones. On demand service – Client since 2011

“My name is Owen Jones. I’ve lost track as to how many years I’ve dealt with Queensland Narrating Service, but I know it’s been a while. I’ve been very pleased with the service, with the narration, and I think specially matching the volunteer readers with the book material. I think that has been a very good match and I’ve been extremely satisfied with that part of it and also the promptness of the service too, that has been very good. Recently there was a book and the volunteer reader who was recommended to me was, I think on holidays or maybe on sick leave or something and it was recommended to me that this book title which was called “Where Did The Towers Go” and It was an alternative view of the September 11 aeroplanes colliding with the twin towers in New York. It was recommended to me that I hang in there until this volunteer reader came back from their absence because it was a specialty subject for this person to read this book and I think that one stands out as very good for me. The catalogues that are available by QNS are a very good selection to choose. Over the time a have borrowed some of the Daisy books from the catalogue”.

Audio excerpt for Owen’s Testimonial

Helen Boardman. VIP Book Club – Attendee since 2006

“My name is Helen. I’ve been going to the VIP Book Club since 2006 and I’ve so enjoyed it. Every time that I’ve been to the VIP Book Club they’ve had great authors speak to us and very entertaining and they also put on a great spread for lunch and so we so enjoy everything that they do. All the authors that have been picked have been very relevant to the kind of books that I would like to read. I recommend that any time QNS put out an invitation for a VIP Book Club that you change your appointments and you go to that, even if you’ve got something else on, because it’s so worthwhile and you’ll get so much out of it. In fact, you’ll really enjoy reading the rest of the books that the authors have written”.

Audio excerpt for Helen’s Testimonial

Bonita Mabo

“Hello. I’m Bonita Mabo, I live in Townsvile and I used the Narrating Service in 2014. It is a fantastic program and I enjoyed it because my eyes are failing me and its good I can get the book read to me. Yeah, its very enjoyable. I’ve got my husband’s book done for me, Eddie Mabo’s Life Story (Edward Koiki Mabo – his life and struggle for land rights), two of his books that Noel Loos wrote.  Maybe one day I’ll get my book done and get it done up like that too. (Laughs) Thank you”

Audio excerpt for Bonita’s Testimonial