Networks and Links

QNS is part of a vibrant community network of organisations working for people with print disabilities. Links to all the organisations mentioned in this section are below the paragraph text and will open in a new tab.

QNS is a part of the Vision Impairment Agencies group in Brisbane which meets quarterly. Members of this group include Vision Australia, Guide Dogs Queensland, Queensland Braille Writers Association, Queensland Blind Association and Queensland Vision Initiative, Retina QLD, Radio 4RPH, Link Vision, Greenslopes Low Vision Care Clinic.

QNS is a member of Round Table on Information Access for People with Print Disabilities Incorporated. Round Table’s role is to facilitate and influence the production and use of quality alternative formats for people with print disabilities by optimising the evolving Round Table body of knowledge. QNS uses Round Table guidelines to ensure that our audio products are truly accessible.

QNS produces DAISY audio. Through Round Table, QNS is able to keep up-to-date with software for the production and playback of DAISY products.


Link Vision
Braille House
Qld Blind Association
Vision Australia
Guide Dogs Qld
Blind Citizens Australia
Retina Australia Qld
QUT Low Vision Clinic
Round Table on Information Access
RSB South Australia
Daisy Consortium
Volunteering Queensland
Blind Bats Inc.

Daisy Players

Olearia DAISY Player for Mac
AMIS DAISY Player for PC