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Queensland Narrating Service (QNS) is a not-for-profit community organisation based in Brisbane, Australia. QNS is funded by Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services. QNS membership-based and has around 50 active members. Members are volunteer narrators who read and record books and other materials into a digital audio format. QNS audio materials are for people who have print disabilities.

QNS produces two audio book catalogues a year, with a strong focus on Australian content, supplying public and state libraries throughout Australia with audiobooks for location in their open and special access collections. QNS also provides an On Demand Service to educational institutions, government departments, community organisations, blindness agencies and individuals.

All enquiries are welcome. We welcome interest from prospective narrators and office volunteers.

Mission Statement

Queensland Narrating Service is a non-profit community organisation that enables people to exercise their right to access desired information in audio formats and so enables them to enrich their lives and participate in decisions that affect them. We use skilled and motivated volunteers and staff to precisely convert print material into various media with due consideration for consumers’ special needs. Modern technology and systems are utilised to provide a high quality, cost effective service. Consumer service is our highest priority. We operate in a fair and responsible manner in our dealings with volunteers, staff, funding providers, same as print-disabled agencies and the broader community.

Strategic Statements

  1. To be at the forefront in organisations minds as the prime producer of printed information in an audio format, utilising human voice, for people with a print disability.
  1. To engage and connect with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations, communities and individuals to support them in the delivery of culturally appropriate information in an audio format.
  1. To keep pace with technology and to remain a producer of quality audio that is platform independent.
  1. To be the benchmark of quality amongst similar service providers nationally.
  1. To remain flexible in a changing environment.

Organisation Objectives

to facilitate access to information by people with print disabilities to enable them to participate in decisions that affect their lives by reproducing printed material in and audio with human voice format;

to produce print material of all types and by means of all devices now known or to be invented or developed;

to assist and co-operate with individuals and organisations provide information to the clients in a way that is appropriate taking into account their disability and the client’s cultural background;

to narrate or copy into audio formats materials such as books, articles or other printed or written material as requested by or for the clients;

to establish and maintain a master digital audio library on devices now known or to be invented or developed;

to extend the capabilities of the Service to the reproduce and distribute printed material in formats whether now known or to be invented or developed;

monies received are used for facilitating access to information by people with print disabilities in an audio format.

Reconciliation Action Plan

QNS is committed to building relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander service users and communities.  We have started our journey towards developing a Reconciliation Action Plan for the organisation.  Through a Reconciliation Action Plan we hope to do what we can as an organisation to close the gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the broader community.

Audio Book Quality

The Queensland Narrating Service employs stringent processes which ensure that the quality of QNS audio books continues to improve and meet the high standards expected by readers and librarians.  Queensland Narrating Service’s Quality Management System is certified under AS/NZS ISO9001:2008. Feedback is encouraged and appreciated.

Narrators are skilled and motivated people often with backgrounds in radio broadcasting and acting.

Privacy Statement

The Queensland Narrating Service (we) complies with Australian and Queensland privacy laws and guidelines. We treat personal information we collect as confidential. We will only use personal information you give us for our administrative purposes and to keep in touch with you. We will not give anyone else your personal information unless you agree or the law says we must. We may use personal information to prepare statistical information, which we may then distribute but only in a form that does not identify anyone.  Our Privacy Notice can be found here.

Joe Kelly, Member for Greenslopes, volunteering at QNS

Joe Kelly-QNS StudioJoe kindly narrated a script about print disability and the services of QNS. The experience provided Joe with a valuable insight into the skill and dedication required by our volunteers to transcribe print into audio format. Many thanks for giving us your time Joe.                                                                       Visit Joe Kelly’s Website

Joe Kelly’s Narration: Print Disability and The Services of QNS