Winter 2003

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The Chestnut Tree

A romantic novel set in a small fishing village preparing for war. The women are determined to find new roles for themselves.

audio excerpt of The Chestnut Tree

Cat no: 3266
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The Lighthouse Keepers

A fascinating book about a way of life that no longer exists. [click to continue…]

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The Sweetest Dream

This story of a family, spanning most of the 20th century, has its fulcrum in the 60s, that contradictory and embattled decade about which argument becomes louder every day. [click to continue…]

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Valley of Violence

‘Get off the land!’

Those were the orders from Tom Rothroy, boss of the big Kettle Ranch.  From the Moon Mountains to Desert End, he had his eye on the whole valley. [click to continue…]

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Watching Out

Fran Varaday fell into private detective work by accident. Now she’s got a ‘real’ job at a trendy pizzeria, she’s back on track with her acting ambitions, appearing in an adaptation of The Hound of the Baskervilles, and she’s even found somewhere nice to live. But things aren’t all they seem. [click to continue…]

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Time and Tide

The death of her mother in 1813 brings added responsibility to 17 year old Anna Mason.  A self-confident girl, she has to shed her girlhood sooner than she would have expected as she assumes many of her mother’s tasks in running the household of Hawkshead Manor. [click to continue…]

Brisbane in the fifties.  The Fingleton kids didn’t have much, but Tony always knew he could be someone special.  He just didn’t know how. [click to continue…]

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Outlaws of the Kimberley

One hundred years ago, as the Boer War came to an end, the rugged Kimberley Range formed the roughest and most remote cattle-country in Australia.   [click to continue…]

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The Dreamseekers

Father Beitz has a dream.  From his home in 1870s Hamburg, he plans to pioneer an idyllic German community in faraway Australia, in a backwoods hamlet, barely settled, called Bundaberg. [click to continue…]

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Fortune’s Daughter

Two women meet by chance, during a dangerously hot Californian summer; sanity and safety are threatened as the heat mounts to an unbearable pitch. [click to continue…]