Summer 2015

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The Birdwatcher

This is a story about a bloke who’s losing his hearing; a bird that can’t fly but likes being read to; and a teenage daughter who doesn’t know who to be angry at. It’s about a woman living with the echo of illness, finding out how much fun it can be to trust someone; a man called Murph who has a secret; and Perry Como.

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A Short History of Richard Kline

“I woke with a gasp. And lay in the dark, open-mouthed, holding my breath. That feeling . . . that feeling was indescribable. For a moment I had felt as if I were falling . . . falling into bliss.”

All his life, Richard Kline has been haunted by a sense that something is lacking. He envies the ease with which others slip into contented suburban life or the pursuit of wealth. As he moves into middle age, Richard grows angry, cynical, depressed.

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Summer House with Swimming Pool

When a medical procedure goes horribly wrong and famous actor Ralph Meier winds up dead, Dr Marc Schlosser needs to come up with some answers. After all, reputation is everything in this business. Personally, he’s not exactly upset that Ralph is gone but, as a high profile doctor to the stars, Marc can’t hide from the truth forever.

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This book is about the Australian love affair with holidays.

It’s about going away and staying at home. It’s about the relaxing times you had as a kid, escapes you have with your children and the stories you hear from your friends.

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In Praise of Ageing

Retirement is not the time to cut all ties and head off to live in a warm climate but rather to ask: Who do I want to be near? How will my relationships be reaffirmed? What do I care about? What can I create and contribute to the world?

Meet Jim Brierley, who was still jumping out of planes aged eighty-eight. And Muriel Crabtree, whose exhibition of pastels was opened by the Governor-General shortly after Crabtree died aged 102.

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Hunter Valley mine electrician Nathan Tinkler borrowed big in 2005, made a fortune from several speculative coal plays, and by 2011 was a self-made billionaire. He had gambled and won, but his volatility and reluctance to pay his debts were making him enemies. He lived the high life as only a young man would, buying luxury homes, private jets, sports cars and football teams, and splurging massively to build a horseracing empire.

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Fall Girl

Meet Ella Canfield, highly qualified evolutionary biologist — attractive, if a little serious-looking in those heavy glasses — but then she’s about to put her career on the line. Dr Canfield is seeking funding for a highly unorthodox research project. She wants to prove that an extinct animal still roams in one of Australia’s most popular national parks.

Meet Daniel Metcalf, good-looking, expensively dishevelled millionaire. Quite witty but far too rich to be taken seriously.

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Heat and Light

Over three parts, Ellen van Neerven takes traditional storytelling and gives it a unique, contemporary twist. In ‘Heat’, we meet several generations of the Kresigner family and the legacy left by the mysterious Pearl.

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The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka

The Eureka Stockade.

It’s one of Australia’s foundation legends — yet the story has always been told as if half the participants weren’t there. But what if the hot-tempered, free-spirited gold miners we learned about at school were actually husbands and fathers, brothers and sons?

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They were going to tell stories. Let’s go away for the weekend, said Megan, and leave our phones behind and turn off the computers and television and stop time because time is moving too fast and soon we’ll all be saying where the hell did our lives go? We’ll cook some food and drink some wine and each tell a story.

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When the Night Comes

Running away from the mainland was supposed to make their lives better. But, for Isla and her brother, their mother’s sadness and the cold, damp greyness of Hobart’s stone streets seeps into everything. Then, one morning, Isla sees a red ship.

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Charlie Jardim has just trashed his legal career in a spectacular courtroom meltdown, and his girlfriend has finally left him. So when a charitable colleague slings him a prosecution brief that will take him to the remote coastal town of Dauphin, Charlie reluctantly agrees that the sea air might be good for him.

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The Ash Burner

Growing up with his father in a small coastal town, all Ted knows about his mother is that she died when he was a boy. His father has brought them halfway across the world to start anew but her absence defines and haunts their lives.

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Warning – the story of Cyclone Tracy

When Cyclone Tracy swept down on Darwin at Christmas 1974, the weather became not just a living thing but a killer. Tracy destroyed an entire city, left seventy-one people dead and ripped the heart out of Australia’s season of goodwill. For the fortieth anniversary of the nation’s most iconic natural disaster, Sophie Cunningham has gone […]

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The Well at the World’s End

When A.J. Mackinnon quits his job in Australia, he knows only that he longs to travel to the Well at the World’s End, a mysterious pool on a remote Scottish island whose waters, legend has it, hold the secret to eternal youth.

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Shy – a memoir

Sian Prior has maintained a career in the public eye, as a broadcaster and performer, for more than twenty years. For far longer than that she has suffered from excruciating shyness. Eventually, after bolting from a party in a state of near-panic, she decides to investigate her condition. What is it — shyness? Where did […]

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Anzac’s Long Shadow

‘A century ago we got it wrong. We sent thousands of young Australians on a military operation that was barely more than a disaster. It’s right that a hundred years later we should feel strongly about that. But have we got our remembrance right? What lessons haven’t we learned about war, and what might be […]

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Pen Barber has an unremarkable life in the Western Australian suburbs. Her relationship with her husband Derek is not bad, but it has become bland and formulaic. The familiar routine of her life is disturbed when she finds an old letter from Derek’s university days. What she reads in it casts doubt on everything she […]

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Tree Palace

Shane, Moira and Midge, along with young Zara and Rory, are ‘trants’ — itinerants roaming the plains north-west of Melbourne in search of disused houses to sleep in, or to strip of heritage fittings when funds are low. When they find their Tree Palace outside Barleyville, things are looking up. At last, a place in […]

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Pastel Orphans

As a small boy, Henrik watches his world crumble around him as Germany falls under Nazi control and his Jewish friends are sent away. In his own unique telling, Henrik confides in the reader the events surrounding World War II as his family in plunged into fear and uncertainty.

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