Summer 2013

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A Lifetime in Longhaul

Captain Bill Anderson, Qantas Pilot 1967-2007, was a member of the Qantas Cadet Pilot Training Scheme. [click to continue…]

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Tom and Jordy have been living with their gran since the day their mother, Loretta, left them on her doorstep and disappeared.

Now Loretta’s returned, and she wants her boys back.

Tom and Jordy hit the road with Loretta in her beat-up car. The family of three journeys across the country, squabbling, bonding, searching and reconnecting. [click to continue…]

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The Voyage

Frank Delage, piano manufacturer from Sydney, travels to Vienna, a city immersed in music, to present the Delage concert grand. He hopes to impress with its technical precision, its improvement on the old pianos of Europe. [click to continue…]

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Van Diemen’s Land

Van Diemen’s Land is a new, groundbreaking history of the settlement of Tasmania. James Boyce’s book is filled with new facts and new ideas about one of the most dramatic episodes in the history of British colonialism. [click to continue…]

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Toyo learned to ask nothing, to wait and count the days. But they passed and passed and still the doorway remained empty of his deep voice, calling out her name.

Blending the intimacy of memoir with an artist’s vision, Toyo is the story of a remarkable woman, a vivid picture of Japan before and after war, and an unpredictable tale of courage and change in today’s Australia. [click to continue…]

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Ghost Wife

Ghost Wife is the deep, funny, heartwarming and brave story of that trip. Along the way, Michelle reflects on why anyone would want to get married anyway, on the power of acceptance, and on the startling stories she uncovers in her family’s past. [click to continue…]

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The Richmond Conspiracy

Victor Radcliffe, prominent Melbourne businessman, on the committee of the Carlton Football Club, lies murdered in a deserted warehouse—the bayonet wound suggests a trained killer, but Police Inspector James Maclaine, and his smart-talking sidekick Harry Devlin, are having trouble tracking down the killer.

Why do the members of Radcliffe’s household seem strangely offhand about his murder? Was there a woman on the scene of the crime? [click to continue…]

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The Australians

In this fascinating collection, John Hirst has assembled the key assessments of the national character of Australia and Australians. There are insiders and outsiders. There is celebration and criticism. There is the difference between what Australian think of themselves and what they are really like. [click to continue…]

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Looking for Australia

What are the qualities at the heart of Australian culture? How did they arise? What distinguishes us from other nations beyond a fondness for calling each other ‘mate’? And what do such national quirks reveal about our society, our past and our attitudes towards it? [click to continue…]

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The working class has become an object of fear and ridicule. Media and politicians alike dismiss as feckless, criminalised and ignorant a vast, underprivileged swathe of society whose members have become stereotyped by one hate-filled word: chavs. [click to continue…]

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The Laughing Clowns

Peter Kennedy is a very large man who is remarkably happy with his life.

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The Rest is Weight

In ‘The Wind and Other Children’, a girl searches for her lost grandmother while her parents quarrel at home; in ‘Extra Time’, a man contemplates inertia after toxic contamination changes life in a remote Australian town; a woman imagines a mother’s love for her autistic son in ‘The Air you Need’; and in ‘Hello, Satan’, […]

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Green Mountains

Born in 1903 to a pioneering Irish-Catholic family, Bernard O’Reilly spent his first twelve years in the secluded Kanimbla Valley of the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. The family then moved to the wild and largely unexplored McPherson Ranges in southern Queensland. Here the innate O’Reilly pioneering spirit eventually succeeded in establishing a haven […]

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The Spirit of O’Reillys

Families wax and wane through the decades of an ever changing hectic world, but the O’Reilly family have remained true to their core vales and strengths throughout the generations and above all else maintained the brave and generous spirit forged by the late and great Bernard O’Reilly and his predecessors. Charles Darwin once wrote after […]

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Growing up Asian in Australia

Asian-Australians have often been written about by outsiders, as outsiders. In this collection, compiled by award-winning author Alice Pung, they tell their own stories with verve, courage and a large dose of humour. These are not predictable tales of food, festivals and traditional dress. The food is here in all its steaming glory – but […]

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Another Country

For several years now, Nicolas Rothwell has travelled the length and breadth of Northern and Central Australia. This book tells the story of desert journeys and encounters with mystics and artists, explorers and healers.

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Desert Tsunami

This is a book that will change the way you think about Australia’s interior. The common perception of a dry, sunbaked region where nothing will grow and where nobody could ever have wanted to live is challenged by archaeologist and social historian Peter Thorley. He describes how, long ago, when the first human inhabitants entered […]

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The Kingdom and the Quarry

China has rapidly become Australia’s most important trading partner. It is also the rising power in our region. In The Kingdom and the Quarry, David Uren takes us inside the high-stakes world of the two countries’ relationship. From resource grabs to cybersurveillance, this is an authoritative and news-breaking book that investigates us inside key political […]

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Pepsi Bears and Other Stories

A collection of fables in which the intuition of animals is set against the hubris of man, Anson Cameron is part court jester, part acclaimed writer of short stories and novels and part national conscience. A cola company uses the last wild polar bears as billboards. A boy is forced to compose poems for cats. […]

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Bitter Greens

Charlotte-Rose de la Force has been banished from court by the Sun King, Louis XIV, after a series of scandalous love affairs. She is comforted by an old nun, Sœur Seraphina, who tells her the tale of a young girl who, a hundred years earlier, is sold by her parents for a handful of Bitter […]

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