Summer 2012

World-famous writer and national treasure Colleen McCullough has always resisted the idea of writing an autobiography – books on the subject of the self tend to be “stuffed to pussy?s bow with boring bits”. But her mind has a life of its own. Here, finally, is its portrait. Among the personal reminiscences and thought-provoking musings in Life Without the Boring Bits lie clues as to the shaping of this extraordinary mind: the confused, impulsive, thoughtlessly cruel mother; the miserly absentee father; the far-reaching effects bureaucrats can have on the lives of strangers; the riddle of Time … [click to continue…]

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Handpicked is a gentle love story offering empathetic central characters with very real hopes, flaws and strengths. [click to continue…]

Bite Your Tongue is a story of great heart. It is the story of a teenage girl’s growing up in Queensland during the 1970s, the daughter of a morals crusader: Angel Rendle-Short / Mother Joy Solider. [click to continue…]

An account of wartime Townsville depicting the impact of war on an Australian community, a resilient Townsville displaying nothing of the sagging morale reported to Canberra…. [click to continue…]

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Among the Islands

Twenty-five years ago, a young curator of mammals from the Australian Museum in Sydney set out to research the fauna of the Pacific Islands.

Starting with a survey of one of the most inaccessible islands in Melanesia—Woodlark, in the Trobriands Group—that young scientist found himself ghost-whispering, snake wrestling, Quadoi hunting and plunged waist-deep into a sludge of maggot-infested faeces in search of a small bat that turned out not to be earth-shatteringly interesting. [click to continue…]

Fletcher Christian and the mutineers from The Bounty sank their ship and settled on Pitcairn, the most remote island in the Pacific. This is their story over two centuries. [click to continue…]

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Once where Radicals

My name is Irfan Yusuf, so anything I do will, naturally, be presumed to be some kind of deception or cover. I am part of some giant conspiracy to destroy the West, one of Osama bin Ladin’ s henchmen. I am part of the Muslim Question.’  [click to continue…]

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Past the Shallows

Hauntingly beautiful and told with an elegant simplicity, this is the story of two brothers growing up in a fractured family on the wild Tasmanian coast. [click to continue…]

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A Darker Music

When Mary Lanyon takes on the job of temporary housekeeper at Downe, a famous Merino stud, she is looking forward to staying in a gracious homestead with the wealthy Hazlitt family. The owner’s wife, Clio, has been ill, and Mary’s task is to get the house back into shape in the lead-up to the wedding of the only son and heir, Martin. [click to continue…]

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The Sky Racers

In 1919 the world was still suffering from the enormous losses due to the Great War. Yet that same conflict had brought forth men and machines capable of fulfilling the age-old dream of manned flight. [click to continue…]

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Missionaries, Headhunters and Colonial Officers

Murders of miners and missionaries by Papuan warriors and reprisal massacres by patrol officers and magistrates were common in British New Guinea in the late 19th century. In 1901 the charismatic star of the London Missionary Society, the tough and experienced Reverend Chalmers, was lured into an ambush on Goaribari Island. Chalmers was known during his […]

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The Captains

From Australia’s first Test cricket captain Dave Gregory, through to the current captain Ricky Ponting, Malcolm Knox’s new book tells the colourful story of how Australian cricket has evolved since its earliest days, how the captain has influenced or stood apart from that evolution, and how the captaincy itself has changed over time.

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Five Bells

On a radiant day in Sydney, four adults converge on Circular Quay, site of the iconic Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Crowds of tourists mix with the locals, enjoying the glorious surroundings and the play of light on water. But each of the four carries a complicated history from elsewhere; each is haunted […]

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Master Mariner

Captain Harold Chesterman was one of the many quiet contributors to our society – heroes, really – who have lived amongst us without widespread recognition.  Master Mariner follows this remarkable man’s professional association with the sea from when he was one of the few Australian lads enrolled in a British maritime training college, through his […]

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The Secret Fate of Mary Watson

A daring heroine tests her wits against secrets, spies and smugglers on a remote Australian island.

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Big River Little Fish

From the moment Tom Downs was born backwards – the moment of his mother’s death – time has held him the wrong way round, like he’s caught inside a fractured story. 

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Another Beautiful Day

If you like stories about the North you will like this book.  Blackheath & Thornburgh College, in “The Towers”, is ninety years young; ninety years of growing future North Queenslanders;

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Norfolk Island

Captain James Cook discovered Norfolk Island during his second voyage around the world in 1774, and felled one of the island’s distinctive pine trees to make a mast for his ship, the Resolution. audio excerpt for Norfolk Island Cat no: 3724

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Pulling no Punches

Loved by many, loathed by others, Barry Hall is unarguably one of the greatest AFL forwards and crowd pullers of the modern era – as well as the most notorious and colourful player currently on the field. Now, for the first time, Barry tells the story of his rise to AFL greatness, beginning with his […]

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A Decline in Prophets

In 1932, the RMS Aquitania embodies all that is gracious and refined, in a world gripped by crisis and doubt. Returning home on the luxury liner after months abroad, Rowland Sinclair and his companions dine with a suffragette, a Bishop and a retired World Prophet.

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