Summer 2011

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Outback Spirit

Five kids orphaned by a terrible accident … a struggling family living in the most isolated spot on earth … a single dad battling to cope in a house falling down around his ears … a desperately ill woman in the middle of nowhere.

In the great Outback traditions of mateship, resilience and generosity come these stories of ordinary people who, against seemingly insurmountable odds, help out those who inhabit Australia’s vast untamed frontiers. [click to continue…]

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The Fortunes of Ruby White

Ruby White has burnt her bridges. She has no job, no direction in life, and just enough money to last a month if she eats only rice and her cat catches his own meals. When her best friend, Anise, holds a dress-up party, Ruby drowns her sorrows and meets Damien, whose vampire costume belies his sweet nature. With time on her hands, Ruby soon finds herself at a seminar for those who are Hyper Auto-Aware, a condition she never knew existed, run by the Jaasmyn Empire, a company she’s never heard of. To Ruby’s astonishment, and that of those who know her, she is offered a job. [click to continue…]

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The Helicopter’s Coming

This book is the story of a family; of Mother and Father, and their eight sons and two daughters who grew up on a sheep and cattle property in far South-West Queensland. It’s a mixture of Mad as Rabbits, Little House on the Prairie and On Our Selection.

In a humorous yet moving way, it chronicles the joys and sorrows of this large, close-knit, competitive family. [click to continue…]

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Men of Bad Character

When Rose’s eighteen-year relationship ends in the most shocking and unexpected way, she emerges from years of what she thought was a loving relationship and realises the extent to which she was being emotionally manipulated and controlled. [click to continue…]

“People were supposed to remember who they were and where they lived. They were supposed to remember who loved them and who did not and where their grandmothers were born. Martin Jeremiah Westley didn’t remember any of it, including the fact that he was Martin Jeremiah Westley.” [click to continue…]

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Ray – Stories of My Life

Ray Martin needs no introduction. Well known as the face of the Midday Show, A Current Affair, 60 Minutes, Carols by Candlelight… If you trust anyone on Australian television, you trust Ray Martin.

But Ray’s was a less than stellar introduction to the glamorous world of television. Before he had even got to high school, he had lived in thirteen different places, in three Australian states, mostly in the bush. [click to continue…]

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A Few Right Thinking Men

Rowland Sinclair is an artist and a gentleman. In Australia’s 1930s, the Sinclair name is respectable and influential, yet Rowland has a talent for scandal.

Even with thousands of unemployed lining the streets, Rowland’s sheltered world is one of exorbitant wealth, culture and impeccable tailoring. [click to continue…]

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Peril Under the Pandanus

This time CrimeWriters Queensland go to the beach – and come up with 19 new stories that keep the crime wave of great local reading on a deep Pacific roll. [click to continue…]

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An exciting tale of comradeship, revenge and war.

Born in the Western Victorian town of Hamilton in 1852, Archie Adams grows to be a skilled horseman with an unusual aptitude for mathematics, which he is encouraged to pursue at Hamilton’s Mechanics Institute and the Ballarat School of Mines.

On Thursday 27th September 1877, Archie’s mate and soon to be brother-in-law, is shot during a mine payroll robbery. Archie assures his dying friend he will track the murderers and bring them to justice. [click to continue…]

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Omega Park

Omega Park is a housing commission estate on the fringes of Queensland’s Gold Coast. Dingo Patterson and Jacob Box are growing up and trying to survive. [click to continue…]

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Australia’s pre-eminent comic Renaissance man turns his genius to novel writing. Having conquered television, radio, theatre and film, Shaun Micallef smashes his mighty fist onto the keyboard of his soul and produces a novel of such breathtaking brilliance that if Patrick White were alive today he’d hurl his own typewriter into the sea and start […]

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The Bark Cutters

Sarah Gordon knows what she wants: the family homestead, Wangallon. When it comes to working the homestead she’s a natural but as a woman, it’s not her birthright. Even when her beloved brother, Cameron James, first born and heir, is killed in a tragic accident, nobody looks to Sarah to inherit.

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Mosquito Creek

Huge floodwaters have engulfed a remote Victorian goldfield, reducing the prospect of digging up a fortune from very slim to impossible, and adding disease to the many possibilities of sudden death in harsh conditions. As sickness starts to take its toll and calls mount for the rescue of diggers stranded by the raging torrent, Sergeant […]

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The Old School

Sydney, 1992. Nhu ‘Ned’ Kelly is a young detective making her way in what was, until recently, the best police force money could buy. Now ICAC has the infamous Roger Rogerson in the spotlight, and the old ways are out.

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True Grit & Dry Wit

In this impressive new collection, Ryle Winn introduces eight real-life heroes, each with an extraordinary tale to tell.  We meet a fencing contractor who proves you can’t judge a book by its cover; two octogenarian sisters with a tragic family secret;

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Here on Earth

HERE ON EARTH is a biography of our planet and our species. We stand at a crossroads, where comprehension of our place in nature—of our true abilities and of our history—is supremely important.

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Seventh Time Lucky

A man stepped out from behind a rock. He looked decidedly friendly and identified himself without having to say a word – the Partisans’ red star on his cap said it all. “Jesus Christ!” I blurted out. “We’ve made it!”

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At forty-four Tom Jokinen began to seriously question the secular funeral rites that are taking over the industry: is this really the way we want to say our final goodbyes? The question had such a hard grip on his Finnish soul that he decided to quit his job in order to become an apprentice undertaker.

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