Summer 2010

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A Distant Shore

The moving story of a young girl’s journey from Greece to Australia, and the life she builds – and love she finds – in a sometimes unwelcoming land. [click to continue…]

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Out of the Blue

R. M. Winn is one of those blokes who never cave in. No matter how serious the situation, he hauls it out front and deals with it, hard and fast no ifs or buts. Not even a malignant brain tumour could lay him in his tracks. [click to continue…]

David Williamson has been in the public gaze for almost forty years. Plays such as Don’s Party, The Removalists, The Club and Emerald City – and films such as Gallipoli – have made him a national treasure. [click to continue…]

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The Window Seat

Aboriginal author Archie Weller has become an important voice in contemporary Indigenous writing. The Window Seat is a collection of 19 of his best short fiction—some award-winning, some previously unpublished and some of the first stories he ever wrote. [click to continue…]

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Shane Warne’s Century

With a flamboyant approach to the game on and off the pitch, Australia’s greatest bowler Shane Warne is an irresistible cricketing force. In Shane Warne’s Century, he candidly profiles 100 players from every Test nation who have had the most significant impact on his cricketing life. [click to continue…]

When the last of Vivienne Ulman’s four children left home, she and her husband were poised to enjoy their freedom. Then, her mother’s Alzheimer’s intervened. [click to continue…]

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Stella Miles Franklin

Stella Miles Franklin was born in the Australian bush and, at the age of twenty-one, became an international publishing sensation with My Brilliant Career. The book struck a chord with women and girls all over the country, and more than a century later is still regarded as an Australian classic. [click to continue…]

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Learning How To Breathe

When musician Linda Neil returns home to Brisbane to care for her ailing mother, Joan, a singing teacher, she has no idea what she is committing to, or even that she is committing at all. The experience will change her life. [click to continue…]

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Every Secret Thing

When culture and faith collide . . . nothing is sacred

In the Aboriginal missions of far northern Australia, it was a battle between saving souls and saving traditional culture. [click to continue…]

The Penguin Writer’s Manual is the essential companion for anyone who wants to master the art of writing good English.  [click to continue…]

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Ways of Escape

This is the fifth and finest novel from the pen of Australia’s best-selling social analyst. Set in a typical contemporary suburb, Ways of Escape is the first-person story of Tom, a clinical psychologist who’s losing patience with his affluent, perfection-seeking clients.

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Connie’s Secret

It was a murder that would rock the tight-knit community; a murder made all the more shocking by the fact that their assailant was a local man working for the Sommerlads.

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The Accidental Guerilla

In the first few years of the post-9/11 era, the established models for fighting ‘small wars’ proved distressingly ineffective against resilient insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan. As the insurgents fought Western armies to a stalemate, it was clear that a new approach was necessary.

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Brown Skin Blue

Barry Mundy has brown skin and blue sin and, at seventeen, those two colours define his life. When he gets a job at the Croc-Jumping cruises on the Adelaide River in the Northern Territory, he carries a list of names of the men who could be his father.

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Maybe It’ll Rain Tomorrow

We share the sadness of Kate Darcy Teece as she tells of the tragic disappearance of her mother and ‘one of the little ones’ in 1944; the joy and relief of Elaine Cluff when three-year-old Tom is found after spending two nights lost in the bush; the humour as ‘Wagga’ Darcy is treed by a […]

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Siddon Rock

When Macha Connor came home from the war she walked into town as naked as the day she was born, except for well-worn and shining boots, a dusty slouch hat, and the .303 rifle she held across her waist.

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What Came Between

One street. Three couples. A world of possibilities. In 1989 the Newcastle earthquake opens up faultlines in the relationships of three couples who reside in adjoining terraces, changing their lives irreparably.

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The Interrogator

After Jay Ryan, the Australian Army’s most experienced interrogator, ends up on the other side of the table facing a sadistic superior officer, he embarks on a white-knuckle flight from everything and everyone he trusts, pursued by foes who were once friends and with his one clear ally, his father, missing.

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The Water Dreamers

The Water Dreamers is the story of the settlement of Australia: of the scarcity of water and the need to fill an imagined silence with the sounds of civilisation. From the moment the First Fleeters stepped ashore, water determined progress.

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The gruff widower Holland has two possessions he cherishes above all others: his sprawling property of eucalyptus trees and his ravishingly beautiful daughter, Ellen.

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