Brisbane History

A centenary celebration provides the ideal perspective from which to view the past.

The century separating the Immigration Depot of 1887 from the Yungaba of 1987 has encompassed much more than the disparity between a six week sea voyage and twenty six hours in the air, or a change from relief centre to translation service. [click to continue…]

This volume comprises twelve papers dealing with various aspects of Moreton Bay history, from pre-European settlement to the 1990s.

While Moreton Bay Matters presents a largely chronological history of this important region, it has intentionally set out to record the episodes that have either been ignored or forgotten. [click to continue…]

Faced with difficult challenges – an uncertain tropical environment, the tyranny of distance and a shortage of money – Queensland’s colonial education systems became rather like armies in their organisation and behaviour.

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Mad nuns, suspicious doctors, drownings, murder as foul as fevered imaginations can devise… as expose, the truth behind a century of scuttlebutt.

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More Over the Top with Jim

From the Gabba to the Ekka, from a day on the beach with Fred at “Sufferer’s Paradise” to a rainbow cake supper at Auntie Vera’s country police station, Hugh Lunn tells more hilarious, over-the-top stories about his now famous Annerley Junction family. [click to continue…]

Ben Fielding is the sixteen year old son of a conservative politician. He is a dreamer and an artist whose friendship with the wild spirited atreet kid, Jess, draws him inevitably into conflict with his father.   [click to continue…]

Toowong – a community’s history has been written by 16 authors, all from different walks of life but with specific connections to Toowong.  In writing their chapters, they drew on their own recollections and research as well as a store of happily-shared memories of other residents.

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As I’ve Seen It

Mercy Dickinson sees life with a sharpness and clarity very few of us possess.  What started out as a carefree life soon became tumultuous and filled with obstacles and frustrations. [click to continue…]

This unique collection provides interesting and informative historical accounts of our journey from different pasts to one future as Australians.

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Sir Samuel Griffith belonged to an age in which a person could fully explore their diverse interests and make a significant contribution to the community in not one but many fields.

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